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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by lisaloo79 Wow that's a crazy list girl! Great job! Are you shipping these before you go? Well, I'm actually an oddball on this site. I'm getting married close to my home, I just love all the ideas and tips on this site, so I just had to join. We're having about 10 guests from out of town, so we're giving them the oot bags as a special thank you for coming from so far. So luckily I don't have to worry about shipping...whew!
  2. This is what I've collected for my oot bags: -thank you message - listing of contents- "In this bag you'll find: a reusable shopping bag, a bottle of water"... -wedding itinerary -wedding venue map -detailed map of the area -local places to eat listing -local things to do listing -phone number list of family members -12 black and mesh zippered bags to contain items in OOT bags $1 each from dollarama ouch packet -60 pack of assorted band-aids $2.99 from Shopper's Drug mart -2 3-packs of tums berries $2.69 each from Shopper's Drug Mart -10 single doses asprin express pack from superstore - approx $6 Stationary n' stuff pack -12 magnetic pads of paper purchased from Micheals 0.75cents each -pen RSVP brand purchased from Staples -24 3x3 75 sheet pads "stickies"(like post it) purchased from staples -4 pack mini scotch tape $1.50 from Micheal's -4 plastic playing cards with case with canadian100$ bill image for $0.88 purchased from MTF A Day out -12 Greater Vancouver maps provided by BCAA - free - I love the Langley BCAA -great service and friendly staff!!! -12 Visitor's Choice Vancouver Spring 2009 provided by BCAA-free -12 reusable zipped pouch green bags purchased for 50 cents each at Walmart -2 packs of 8 = 8 16 packs of facial tissues purchased from Walmart for $1.27 each -1 12-pack of "One-Step" wipes $2 from price smart - (two 6 packs) one-step hand sanitizer purchased from Walmart $4.67 each Fresh n' clean kit -12 + listerine pocket packs -2 4-packs of 90g Dove beauty bars $3.47 from Walmart -7 Colgate wintergreen 75g toothpaste $0.82 from Walmart -10 reach toothbrushes $0.99 each on sale at Save on Foods -12 Lypsyl lip balm $1 each from dollarama - can write "pucker up" tags -12 Banana Boat sunscreen $1 each from dollarama -2 5-packs scotch lint rollers $11.99 totalling $23.98 plus tax from Costco (2 coupons Thirst package -7 6packs of crystal light individual water additives purchased from Walmart for $1 each -100 Twinings Earl grey teabags $6.79 from Costco -Stash 20 individually wrapped green tea bags purchased from Walmart for $2.97 -see youtube video for 2 teabag pouch -bottled water purchased from Superstore -15 bottle case of "clearly canadian"soda $14.68 including taxes and deposit purchased from MTF -8 white ceramic travel mug with native art $13 each purchased from gift store in Scottsdale mall Tasty treats goody bag -24 tic tac boxes purchased from costco for $14.49 -24 pack juicy fruit gum purchased from Costco for $12.79 -25 or more Quaker yogourt granola bars - 4-pack boxes lipton cup-a-soup on sale and coupon at save on foods for a total price of $2.50 plus taxes for 4 (16 sachets) -chocolate bars variety pack purchased from Costco -2 - 8 pack rice krispie squares approx from Superstore $0.27 each with coupon -2- 8 pack nutrigrain bars approx -From Superstore -free with coupon -12 Fruit loop sticks - from Walmart -free with coupon
  3. I'm not sure if there are many left, but Kellogg's had some coupons on the back of some of their cereal boxes. I bought a box of Rice Kripies for between 4-5$ and there is 10$ worth of coupons on the back. I'm using some of them to buy treats for my oot bags. $2 off box of 8 Nutrigrain bars = Free! $2 off box of 8 rice krispie squares = 27 cents $2 off box of 12 fruit loops straws = free!
  4. I let my fiance choose the colors, but I reserved the right to veto his choice. He initially chose red and yellow, but I told him that I don't think a McWedding would be appropriate-haha! We decided on red and looked at photos of weddings with the red themes to see what appealed to us, and later settled on red, white and black. Does your fiance have a preference out of your chosen colors?
  5. Your idea sounds like it would be beautiful. I love the link that da.shmoopies included, and I wish I saw it before I made my invitations. I purchased my cardstock paper from a local craft store. But I suggest checking out Micheals.com to see what they can offer. If you sign up with them they send a coupon to your email weekly, and you can get decent discounts on your supplies that way. Another tip that you may want to consider(especially if budget is an important factor)- make a complete sample invitation, and take it to the post office, to see how much postage will cost, before you make them all. Mine ended up being over in weight, so it cost me a bit more for postage.
  6. We asked my fiance's sister to take a few nice photos of us. We'll just choose the best and frame it to put on the signing table. Other than that I'm not sure what else to do with the photos, so I like the idea of DIY, and saving the expense for more important things.
  7. My fiance and I already discussed not exchanging gifts with each other, since we already we so much to plan. So I'll probably just give him a card.
  8. They're both adorable, but I think the first one looks a little more suitable for wedding shoes with their classic lines and simplicity
  9. I haven't ordered anything from Vistaprint yet, but I've heard rave reviews. For others who are looking for alternatives to those online invitation companies (and if you're not too concerned about having the most unique invitations) Micheals, Walmart and the Office Depot also carries invitation kits. I helped my friend put her invitations together using a kit from the "Brides" collection from Micheals, and they look very elegant.
  10. If I see a really good sale, I just guesstimate and go for it. Some items are fairly safe to purchase in advance, if they're items that you could put more than one of per bag, or if you will use them yourself on a daily basis (ie. kleenex packets, notepads etc...)
  11. I just followed your link, made my puzzle, and printed it off. It was so easy. Thank you so much for the link, I especially love that it was free!
  12. Thanks so much for posting photos of your OOT bags, they're great inspiration to get me going. I hope you don't mind if I copy the name of your "Oh Sh*t kit"? I think it's hilarious!
  13. For those looking for small canvas bags- I went to Walmart yesterday, and they were clearing out their plain black canvas Totes for 1$ each- I saw these for sale at about 2.50 each in the past. They are folded up in a green package with a set of 10 muticolored pack of small paintbrushes atattched to the packaging. The bag is 100% cotton and the dimensions are 13-1/2 x 13-1/2 x 3-1/2 I found this near the craft section. I'm not sure if they are on clearance at all Walmarts, but it may be worth checking out
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