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    Rooms at The Iberostar Grand?

    No, all of the rooms do not have jacuzzis or swings on the balcony.
  2. Thanks everyone for the info pertaining to day passes. It was quite helpful.
  3. Hi lmarie. Thanks for the info. I'm wondering how much each day pass would cost. Some of her guests live in Jamaica and the total amount of passes could easily drive up the overall cost of the wedding. I actually didn't get married at the Gran Bahia. I was originally getting married in Riviera Maya, but due to the swine flu I did a last minute change to Jamaica and our wedding was held at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites.
  4. Hello Ladies!!!! First and foremost, CONGRATS to recent brides and BEST WISHES to future brides. I'm an 'old' BDW bride (June 2009) trying to help out a friend of mine who's considering having her wedding at the Gran Bahia in August. Does anyone know how much the resort charges for day passes or if they have a separate wedding pass fee for guests that are not staying on the property? Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. Hi Ladies... Re: huppa... It's already located on the beach & doesn't cost extra. The arch is usually used for other wedding locations (i.e. lazy river island). Nicole said the huppa cannot be used elsewhere because it needs to be secured into the ground. There's not enough grass space on the lazy river island for the huppa to stand securely.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by edSweety Thanks so much for sharing your information. I hope I didn't miss this but do you have pic and would you mind sharing them. I am getting married at the suites December 19 and have had trouble getting images of the place...wedding sites..crazy....anyway what did you do for photography? this is something I am very worried about and find that the cost are getting out of hand. thanks for all your help. Hi there! I posted a pic of my bouquet a couple of pages back. In regards to photography, I brought my own photographer to Jamaica. He wanted to expand his portfolio and was willing to accept his travel expenses as payment. Worked out a lot cheaper than paying for a local photographer and my photographer captured the entire weekend (as opposed to set hours on the wedding day). The resort photography was ok. If you're expecting photojournalism, you might be a little disappointed. However, the pictures that were taken (included in the package) came out nice. The quality was decent.
  7. Ok... here's a pic with both bouquets. The one to the left (in my MOH's right hand) is my bouquet. The smaller version is hers. Hope this helps!! Again, any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by breeze616 Hi Briscoecrown, so did you give your bouquet that was included in the wedding package to your MOH and get a bigger one for yourself? Or did they just upgrade your won bouquet for a nominal price? Do you have any photos? Thanks for your help!! Hey there! I actually never used the bouquet that was included. I just upgraded the bouquet. When I asked why the additional fee was $100, Nicole advised because Tiaflora imports a lot of their flowers. So, I don't think you'll have a problem getting your orchids! :-) Let me do some digging.... I'm sure I can find a couple of pics of my bouquet.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by breeze616 Hello Ladies! Date is Booked! December 10, 2010! Woo Hoo! I was wondering if anyone had any luck getting in contact with Taiflora or if anyone know what flowers can be used in the bridal bouquet that is included in the wedding package? I'm trying to decide my wedding colours and the flowers have to match! I've sent them a couple emails with no luck... I also looked at their website but I dunno if the bridal bouqets there are examples of the bouquets we can have? I think I want to do the light green orchids... If anyone has anything it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! Hey Breeze616! The bridal bouquets on Taiflora's website are available for an additional charge. I chose image #16 and was charged $100. My MOH had a smaller version of my bouquet.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Stay-C With the iberostar package, do you have to pay an upgrade fee to have chair covers, tie backs, aisle runner and decorated arch? I like their beach set up but I don't see any fees associated with it...how much does it cost? Question 2: Do you have to pay to have enough cake or is that compliments of the $18/pp charge? What does the cake look like? Hi Stay-C! Like NegrilLB said, the package includes the chair covers, sashes, aisle runner, etc. The package price is the same wherever you decide to have the ceremony. The $18 pp covers the cake. The number of guests determine the size of your cake. Here are couple of pics of my cake. We had a little less than 70 people. I was being adventurous and had a different flavor for each layer.... strawberry cheesecake, vanilla & Jamaican fruit cake. Most guests liked the strawberry cheesecake.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by daifje Hello: My name is Jennifer. My fiance Andrew and I are planning a destination wedding for May 2010 and submitted a request for the iberostar rose hall suites. The reviews so far seem really great!! We are really excited...we have been searching for a long time and was looking a place in mexico as well as another resort in Jamaica but I think that we will go with the iberostar. I believe that the lazy river should accomodate up to 80 people (that is the info they gave me). Do you guys think that that is an overestimation? Andrew and I really really want a private reception with a DJ, dance floor, and open bar. Did you guys have any problems getting that arranged? We have run into issues with this at other places. Congrats, Jennifer! & welcome to the thread. I really think you guys will be pleased with your decision. My DH and I actually tried to think of one thing we could possibly complain about and we couldn't come up with anything substantial or even worth mentioning. The Iberostar Suites is a beautiful resort and the staff is a contributing factor. I think the lazy river island can hold UP TO 80 people. Anymore than that, I think would be a really tight squeeze. There's no problem with arranging a private reception with a DJ, dance floor, and open bar. The Steakhouse would probably be your best bet. We had the exact requirements for our reception and they were met.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by GregsBride Hi Ladies, I have a few questions... briscoe, I know you mentioned it was pretty hot at the steakhouse restaurant. If I were to choose one of the alternative indoor restaurants, do you know if there is enough space inside to have a dance floor set-up? Also, do you know if there area is pretty private and away from the other guests dining? I have been thinking of excursions for my guests, do any of you know if the Iberostar has a catamaran available to do a booze cruise? Hi there!! Sorry for the delay.... still adjusting to 'normal' life. An alternate indoor restaurant would be the Mediterranean for a private reception. The Mexican is kind of small. So, if the restaurant is open to the public, you're not really going to have that 'private' feel or have enough room for a dance floor. I didn't go into the Gourmet restaurant while I was there. Don't completely rule out the Steakhouse on my account. I still feel it's one of the best choices for a private reception with a large group (despite the heat). There was a breeze, but we weren't feeling it! Maybe because we were dancing, drinking or just excited about the moment. Who knows?!?! The resort itself didn't have a catamaran, but there are a few tour companies with offices in the lobby that could arrange that for you. We booked thru Liberty Travel, which was connected with Jamaica Tours. There was a representative in the lobby everyday and she had quite a few options for excursions. I clearly remember her offering two similar excursions... one was a half day catamaran trip that left in the morning, returning around 2pm and the other was an evening cruise with snacks & drinks included. Sorry, I don't know the names of the excursions or the prices. I didn't organize excursions for my group. I told my guests what I was doing on a particular day and if they wanted to join us, they were welcomed to. We went horseback riding at Chukka Cove one day. Another day we went to Dunns River and a couple of days after the wedding (for any remaining guests) we went to Bob Marley's resting place in St Anns. We spread out the excursions throughout the week and whoever was available either tagged along or hung out at the resort. Some guests didn't arrive in time for some of the excursions, but didn't really miss out because the resort in itself was lots of fun. Hope this helps!!
  13. No prob!!! No need to thank me. I'm glad I'm able to help out my fellow BDW brides.
  14. OMG! I'm a zoombie.... still in denial. I return to work on Tuesday and I'm already depressed. I'm having such a hard time adjusting, even to the basics like cooking. After a 10 day vacation, reality sucks!! LOL. I want to go back to JA!!! I'm with you... I miss the Jamaican corner at the buffet too. One night they replaced the Jamaican corner with Asian cuisine. My DH almost had a stroke! He even requested a Jamaican breakfast at the Grand before we left because they didn't have a specialized corner over there. I wonder if we had the same resort photographer. My guy was tall, slim & dark-skinned. It seems to be such a big difference in the quality. My pics weren't the best, but we were able to easily pick 12 photos from the group. It was great meeting you guys too. We watched the Dunns River DVD last night (still in denial) and saw your family. The DVD is a little cheesy, but it's good for reminiscing and some laughs.
  15. 100 guests on the lazy river island would definitely be a tight squeeze. I would say it could hold up to 75, maybe 80 guests maximum. We had 6 rectangular tables with 12 plate settings each. You could probably squeeze in 2 more tables comfortably, but your dance floor would definitely have to be on the other side of the restaurant. The inside of the restaurant was not air-conditioned, but for some reason it's cooler.