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  1. I would have paid for all of my guests to fly first class, top-floor suites at the hotel for everyone, and our honeymoon would have been longer.
  2. An awesome workout and some pool time with my hubby, now off to dinner with some great friends.
  3. Kickboxing class this morning, and maybe a second workout tonight if hubby wants to go to the gym after work.
  4. My husband and I got to go to the Astros game. And they won!
  5. One of my aunts told me years ago that the bride's name goes first, at least when you're using the last name, because you shouldn't separate a man's first and last names. So, all of our STDs and invitations were addressed to couples with the wife's name first. Just to be consistent, everything with our names has my name first as well.
  6. I found an adorable dress for my rehearsal dinner! I even found cute shoes to wear with it, too!
  7. Maybe I'm just feeling romantic because my wedding is right around the corner, but these are some of my faves... The Princess Bride When Harry Met Sally Love Actually
  8. Unpurchased FC seats are usually given to the frequent fliers with platinum or gold status. Quite often, these people are upgraded 24 hours before the flight, so you really should call your airline, or have your TA call if you're booking through a TA. If you're willing to pay for the upgrade, go ahead and call now to ask about the upgrade. I'm a flight attendant, and we aren't allowed to upgrade anyone, even if the plane is leaving with empty FC seats. Only the ticketing/gate agents can do upgrades. I don't know about other airlines, but usually it's just annoying when people get all the way on to the plane and ask me for an upgrade. FC closets are usually very small, so an overhead bin is usually the best place to put your dress.
  9. My fiance has 2 boys, so we're having them in the ceremony as groomsmen/ring bearers. They're also going to escort my mother to her seat.
  10. On my way to kickboxing class. I was sick last week, so I took the week off. Sure to have my butt kicked this morning!
  11. Sara Gillespie from Gillespie Photo is doing my wedding. She photographed my sister's wedding in 1995, and the photos were gorgeous! Gillespie Photography - San Diego Wedding & Portrait Photographers
  12. I love the idea, and I've seen some amazing TTD photos, but the water in San Diego in May is not nearly warm enough for me to get in!
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