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  1. Oscar Ernie, The photographer and assistants will take a bunch of pictures and then you get to pick your favorite 25 shots (if you pay for the $25). You can either have them made into 25 prints or you can have a cd with the 25 images so you can get whatever size prints you want. Mexico102, I had 3 weddings on my day (which is unusual). I would email your wedding coordinator your 1st choice and then 2nd in case of rain. It's first come first serve. If it rains I'm sure they will take care of you. They'll probably put one of you in that nights closed restaurants. Also they can split the room above portofina into two rooms if your groups are small enough (around 30).
  2. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing
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    Welcome! DW are fun fun fun
  4. I got my pictures back. Josh and Adrianne (resort photog) and if you want pic of the reception room msg me.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by sebitasalejo Wow that must have been sooo much work. I'm dying to see how it all came together in the wedding Thanks for the props! only other Destination brides can truely appreciate how much work goes into everything
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by algina Adrianne how was the weather?? We are getting married there in May 2011. Oh wait, I just read your review. So did you have any non-windy days?? The gazebo/barracuda bar are the windest areas at dreams. I think there is always a breeze at least. For us Wednesday and Thursday were super windy (I couldn't have worn a veil) but luckily Friday and Saturday (wedding) were like half as windy and my veil stayed on. It is a windy time of year. However it's nice because the resort is not overflowing with kids (because schools in) and it isn't super duper hot yet. It rained Sunday evening very hard and sprinkled Monday evening. Since I was afraid of the wind and heat, Josh and I had a "first look" moment with the photog in the garden by the adult pool prior to going to the gazebo to get wind blown. Hope that helps. Thanks Tifuhhknee and nairay! I want to give back a little of what BDW gave to me! Congrats on being DPA brides. You are going to love it!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by mexico102 Wow that was really quick on the pics! They came out awesome!! Snorkel gear pictures are hilarious! Definately impressed w/ the resort photographer skills. As far as the dinner, plated vs. buffet, even though you had more than 40 people you could have had it plated? Sorry my answer was confusing. You're right she only gave us the buffet option.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Ashley* wow everything looks amazing! Where did you find the Maracas? I would love to do something like that in our OOT bags I'm sorry I dont remember. msg me if you still can't find any and I'll back at my credit card records.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by nsbride2010 wow, fantastic planning thread! A girl on here got freeze-dried orchids from save-on-crafts.com that could be an option of they can get them to you fast enough! OMG fdried orchids would probably been the best option. Our drowned centerpieces were the only part of the wedding that didnt come out as planned.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 holy crap Adrianne!! You've done an AMAZING job and your guests are going to be completely blown away by everything you've done! I'm almost glad that I got married *before* I saw your planning thread because you'd have made me want to do so much more LOL! I'm so excited for you and I bet you can't believe you're down to the wire here already. Congrats and have a wonderful time!! Oh my goodness you are too sweet. Thanks for being such a support during the whole planning process. And please give yourself credit for all the work you did including hand delivering all the OOT bags.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by JanineA Loved the way you used the bird of paradise throughout. Everything turned out superb. Thanks for posting where you got the groom's tie. My colors are plum and silver and I am yet to find a tie for FI. Enjoy your very special day I know everything is going to be great! I'm glad the link helped
  12. Wow I finally had a chance to read all your amazingly sweet comments. I'm tearing up. Such kind words! I hope my work helps other brides. As for the tequila bottle table numbers, msg me and I'll email them to you. Check out our picture. Link below on my signature.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by anacj13 Great review!!! I'm also planning a trip to Tulum or Playa for our guests. How much was the bus? The A/C bus cost $850 and held 60 guests. It had tv screens so it would have been fun to bring a movie or something.
  14. I got my photos! Believe it or not these photos are from the resort photographer and all but the trash the dress were included in our ultimate package price. Josh and Adrianne As for buffet vs. plated, I agree that it's preference. We had buffet and it was less stress for me because I knew there would be a lot of options for picky eaters.