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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by TonyandTricia To me, a shower is for your closest friends and family and if you didn't think they were close enough to invite to the wedding I wouldn't invite them to the shower. I would probably think it was kind of rude to be invited to give someone a gift and not invited to share in their day with them. "You want a gift from me, but not for me to share in your wedding with you?!?" If you were only inviting a few people to the wedding then maybe I could understand, but 70 people is a lot. You will most likely still get gifts from them for the AHR if that's the point of inviting them to your shower. Just my thoughts... I agree with TonyandTricia as well. I've always heard that you don't invite people to the shower who aren't invited to the wedding (with the exception of work showers).
  2. We had 3 flavors and ordered 2 pp. We wanted for people to be able to taste more than one - which they ended up doing.
  3. We used photos from the ceremony and our AHR for thank you notes: I ordered them through Shutterfly, and got a ton of compliments! The middle photo says "Thank you" using the same signs as in my sig.
  4. I didn't have a veil for my second wedding, mostly because our ceremony was literally only family (about 10 people). I also thought that my whole ensemble looked better without a veil. I say try a couple on with your dress and see how you feel. No one's going to think you're inappropriate for wearing it!
  5. So excited for the storm. I made gingerbread and sugar cookie dough tonight - going to my mom's tomorrow to make and decorate christmas cookies with my niece. The MTA has halted all construction on the subways - I just hope the storm isn't too thick and they're still running.
  6. That's awesome, congrats! I wonder how often that happens to that poor lil' old lady!
  7. We sent out STD's and invitations to everyone on the invite list - there was no A or B list. I figured that there may be some who say that they're coming who won't be able to, and those who initially think that they can't and then are able to - so I didn't want to try and make the determination.
  8. Your dad is one cool cat! Reminds me of the twitter, "Sh** My Dad Says" - nice and blunt and to the point.
  9. Hmm, not sure I agree but I'll take it! Sophia Loren?
  10. So in case anyone is thinking about holiday presents, I got a converter at Best Buy for about $80 the other day. It's great! It comes with a holder for slides, a holder for negatives, and a scanner. I tried it out, and the resolution on a negative from 1992 was surprisingly good. It's going to be a long project for me to digitize all of the negatives and slides, but it will be nice to have archived them before they further degrade.
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