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  1. Quote:Originally Posted by nv+gms Anybody try to get an estimate for a teired cupcake cake? I've been waiting for over a month to see if they can do it and if so - how much - but no response yet Quote:Originally Posted by Chapa I did and it was some ridiculous amount for only 40 cupcakes. I believe it was $474.
  2. There's really no way to say what they'll charege because they charge based on the amount of stuff you have and what they have to set up. I only had centerpieces, place cards and favors that I gave to the guests. They only charged me $25. I've heard some people have paid as much as $50 for set up.
  3. Hi Meghan, So all we need to bring is our iPod and they will plug it into their sound system? There is no need to bring anything else? What about charging? How did you charge your iPod during the reception? Thanks. Nikki I would recommend fully charging your iPod before you use it. Mine was charged and the charge lasted the entire 2 hours of the cocktail reception and 4 hours of the wedding reception. Originally Posted by Nikki O Chong, Meghan said the sound system charges the iPod while it's plugged in. Did you use a different sound system? The beach is rather loud so you may want to think about renting their sound system if your reception is going to be at the beach. The sound system I used at both the welcome reception and the wedding reception did not charge the iPod. It wasn't a docking station. It just had a jack to play music from the iPod.
  4. They were very reasonable. Flowers weren't that important to me. I just had them because everyone said I should but I was impressed with what we got. I only wish the bouquets were a tad bit bigger.
  5. I had silver overlay tablecloths and they were $5 per table. Extremely inexpensive considering what they charge for other things.
  6. They were WONDERFUL!!! I do n't htink you have the option to choose though. I had Veronica who was the event coordinator for the reosrt and Israel who was the wedding coordinator. I believe they're just who happened to be on duty that weekend.
  7. You won't find out who the onsite WCs are until you get there and have your meeting with them.
  8. The nearest bar that a group of people could gather at the easiest is the Zocalo bar. Zavaz restuarant has a bar but it's not one that people can really gather at. I used my cocktail party for the welcome reception as well so I didn't have an organized cocktail hour. If you make sure people know exactly what time the reception will start you probably won't have to worry about making any detailed plans for people to go someplace. They'll find something to do and they'll be at the reception on time too!
  9. I had escort/place cards and wind wasn't an issue for them at all. The WCs set them up on a table for guests to pick up when they arrived at the reception area. Hello Brides 2 Be: My ceremony was scheduled to start at 3pm but didn't actually start until about 3:30 and was over around 4pm. The reception was scheduled for 4:30-8:30 at Zavaz Plaza. It didn't actually start until 5:15 or 5:30. I didn't have an organized cocktail party. Most of the guests gathered at a bar at the Mexican restaurant (can't remember the name right now) and waited for the reception to start. I do think anything longer than an hour to an hour and a half will cause people to start getting antsy. Regarding the time the reception starts and whether it should start after the bar closes I really don't think the time it starts will be an issue. The WCs are great at making your area a private area and guests are pretty respectful as well so you won't have to worry about your reception being interrupted. And if your reception is at the Plaza Zavaz there really is no bar near that area. I know it may seem close on the map but it's actually not very close and that area is pretty seculded. We had people looking at the reception from their balconies but it wasn't like that reception area was blocking a path to a bar. Hope this helps.
  10. The location near the pier is actually the one next to the beach BBQ as well. It's also the one with the ramp to come down. Quote: Originally Posted by TLGnhci Do you know if they charge you to do the sand ceremony? I haven't thought about that too much just yet. They don't charge you for the actual ceremony but if you get the vases and sand from them they'll charge. I actually ended up getting my vases off ebay for $20 (including shipping) and I paid $8 for the sand. Quote: Originally Posted by arkae Can anyone - maybe someone who's already been or made a site visit - give me some idea of the size of the beach gazebo by the pier? I got married at the gazebo near the pier. It's the bigger location. I had 50 guests and the WCs told me that the other beach location was too small to hold everyone. The bbq closes at 3pm so if your ceremony is after that you won't have to worry about people lurking near your wedding I was assigned a WC as soon as my date was confirmed but it seems like Karisma has changed their process a lot. My TA contacted Karisma to confirm the date and once the date was confirmed the TA contacted me and sent the CC authorization form so that I could make the deposit to hold the date.
  11. Yes, we had the dock and the amplifier for the reception. It was listed on my detail sheet and it's $250. If you're having a cocktail reception and you want it there it's $150.
  12. BTW I'm not sure if you've booked your flight yet but Airtran has a direct flight from BWI to Cancun and it's usually pretty reasonable. The majority of my guests took that flight and it was $345.
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