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  1. Tensing Pen Wedding Menus 1, 2 and 3 Wedding Dinner 1 ❦ Appetizer Caribbean shrimp cocktail spiked with local hot pepper and brandy Salad Charred / pineapple / mint mixed garden greens / cherry tomatoes / toasted nuts citrus vinaigrette ❦ ENTREES ❦ Blue cheese crusted beef tenderloin / red wine peppercorn glaze Or Blackened sliver snapper / with lintel papaya salsa ❦ All Entrees are served with sour parsley whipped potatoes / Island pak-choy Menu price us $45 per person A 10% Service Charge and 8.25% General Consumption Tax will be added to your bill Wedding Dinner 2 ❦ Appetizer Lemongrass sautéed shrimps on red onion And cho-cho salsa Soup Cream of pumpkin with jerk chicken crouton ❦ ENTREES ❦ Jerk lobster tail with garlic herb butter (Seasonal). Or Honey- peppered painted shrimp / pineapple kebab/ beurre - Blanc Or Marinated Rack of Lamb / oven roasted vegetables ❦ Entrees are served with yam soufflé / crunchy sautéed leeks Menu price us $50 per person ENJOY YOUR DINING AT THE LODGE A 10% Service Charge and 8.25% General Consumption Tax will be added to your bill Wedding Dinner menu 3 Appetizer Saffron risotto with slivers of chicken on truffle glaze ❦ Salad Fire roasted peppers / bacon / plantain / mixed seasoned garden greens ❦ ENTREES ❦ From the roost Thai Style Chicken with Basil Coconut Pimento Sauce Or From the Sea Nut crusted grouper / cho-cho ceviche ❦ Entrees are served with pumpkin polenta / wilted local greens Menu price us $40 per person ❦ A 10% Service Charge and 8.25% General Consumption Tax will be added to your bill ENJOY YOUR DINING AT THE LODGE
  2. Um, The moderators sure are snarky! Don't feel too bad, it seems that she responds to everyone like that. I got one of those too. These are drink menus that the coordinator suggested. The prices are of course, subject to change. You can name the drinks anything you want. We chose names that suited our group and theme. COOL & DEADLY White, gold, & dark rum Peach nuts Orange, cranberry and lime juice cost $ 6.00 ROCK STEADY Gold, dark and white rum Apricot Lime & Pineapple juice cost $ 6.00 OCEAN COOLER Cranberry, pineapple, orange & lime juice cost $ 4.00 TENSING PEN PUNCH Pineapple, lime grenadine and 7up cost $ 4.00
  3. Debra did my hair but another bride at who got her makeup and hair done by Debra gave her a strong recommendation. Her photos are on the sungoldphoto.com website and her name is Nakia. I highly recommend Debra, she really did a great job. If you have photos of what you want bring them to the trial SHE insists upon. She will work with you until she has achieved the look you want and makes sure she is happy. She is American, and knows what makeup applications for bridal events are in the U.S. but chooses to have reasonable prices. I don't have my photos yet, but when they are here I will, of course, post them to my blog, BEYOND SMITTEN
  4. I went to the local grocery store (hi-lo) in Negril and bought a bottle of ting or ginger beer, a bag of plaintain chips, a package of ginger cookies and a bottle of water. Hooray for the "authentic" bags I wanted guest to have stuff that was "jamaican" and things they could eat back in the room or on the beach and not have to pack and take home. They cost about $4 each. Rum cake is a good thing to add too! It is also super cheap at the grocery store.
  5. My wedding was in January and I had Debra Barrett at the salon Scissors which is right in the heart of Negril to do my hair for the wedding. With very reasonable pricing Debra had me do a trial at the salon and then did my hair the morning of the wedding. She also added a few lashes at the last minute for a special touch! I had a photo and she matched what I wanted EXACTLY and made sure I was happy! I was thrilled that I found her. Her website just got an upgrade! Supercute! Queen Been Salon She does makeup too, spa services and bridal bachelorette parties. jamaicasqueenbee@yahoo.com 876-574-6777 Shop#3 Bar B Barn Village Norman Manley Blvd
  6. Another BDW bride is using Paul and has more details about his services in the post. He will be my DJ and regularly plays for weddings at Rockhouse. His number is 876-382-9167, sorry it took a couple of days.
  7. I spoke with the grower in Columbia, he recommended against shipping to Jamaica. The supply chain may not provide enough coverage for the flowers to arrive intact. They don't ship there regularly enough. I had to go with silk flowers. The florist was charging $42 for a 2 inch pomander of carnations.
  8. I also will be using Paul -He is a regular DJ at Rockhouse, my wedding is at Tensing Pen. I tracked down his number sorry it took a couple of days 876-382-9167.
  9. I also will be using Paul - I tracked down his number and it took a couple of days 876-382-9167.
  10. Yes! i'll sell mine! I am in New York too. You can look at my blog for pictures see the address in my signature below. The bridesmaids have ivory orchid bouquets and the bride bouquet is a mango orange with orchid, roses. My colors were white and ornage. There are matching corsages and boutonnieres too!
  11. I know the hotel is a full capacity for the holiday weeks. If you want an immediate response you may have to call, they don't have a 1-800 number so be careful about international phone charges!
  12. I'm thinking about shipping flowers myself from vendor in Columbia. Wholesale-Bulk-Wedding-Fresh Cut Flowers-AbacoFlowers.com-Buy Online I got prices quoted of around $500 for 20 3 inch pomanders. I can buy 250 blooms, more than enough for pomanders and have them shipped for $188.
  13. I am using the DJ that plays at Rockhouse and other locations, I can see if I can get a contact number for him. My fiancee has heard him play and is very confident that he has all the equipment and music that you would need, and you can provide him with a playlist. To some extent you do have to trust the property, and it is crazy, but I've found you can't control everything at a destination wedding. Jamaica does not share our internet culture, everyone is not online nor do they have access to a computer like we do. If you can't find an alternative you can "check out" or that comes with a referral then make a playlist from your ipod or burn a CD or two with songs and have the DJ play them for your parties.
  14. My wedding is in a few weeks and since floral prices are so high I am considering shipping flowers to Jamaica to arrange myself. Obviously there are the usual considerations, delays, damages, delivery failure. Other than those pitfalls, which can happen with any shipment, anywhere, even in the U.S. I thinks this would be a good idea. Has anyone else looked into this or done this? I've found a wholsesale florist who ships bulk florals internationally using fex. Wholesale-Bulk-Wedding-Fresh Cut Flowers-AbacoFlowers.com-Buy Online About 200 blooms will cost $188 including shipping. A tremendous savings from the $500 quoted from the florist. We would have to arrange ourselves, but with the entire bridal party there making some pomanders should be a snap. I've shipped nearly all the wedding stuff I'll be using to Jamaica, chandeliers, vases, votives, tablecloths, favors. Those do incur a very high duty at customs, but they are not shipped with Fed x which will pay the duty and move through customs fairly seamlessly.
  15. Something Spectacular P.O. Box 755 Warren, Michigan 48090-0755 586-778-4624 Something Spectacular high quality silk bridal bouquets and fresh wedding flowers I found them while searching. An alternative.
  16. I ordered from a floral and got very pretty orchid blooms on closeout. Quality varies as do the prices. I also got huge and inexpensive from save-on-crafts.com
  17. Tracy, I have many of the same frustrations with the coordinator at my resort but I often have to remember two things 1. We live in an e-mail culture where the idea of shooting off a reply should just take a few seconds and everyone has a computer and they are plugged into their account via blackberry or phone or remote access all day long, and by gosh e-mail is the easiest, most accessible and normal thing to do! Well 13 unreplied e-mail later I guess you have realized that is not how Jamaican culture is. They check the e-mail once a week. They are not plugged in all day and don't respond the way we expect them to. Stop sending all these e-mails. You'll drive yourself crazy. 2. Stop calling this girl and leaving these messages They start the wedding planning a few weeks before the date. No matter how many times you call them, if your date is not a few weeks away, they just won't focus the way you would like. Their priority is on dates that are immediate, the bride who will be showing up this weekend. You have to use other resources like the forum or the knot to get your questions answered and be a self starter and figure some things out for yourself or just wait until they get back to you a few weeks before the big day. Those two strategies have helped to keep me from going gray before my wedding. It is harder said than done, I know. But Im doing it, done it.
  18. My fiancee and I are getting married at Tensing Pen a beautiful property on the cliffs in Negril on 1/24 and have booked the entire property for the wedding. Our out of town guests have left 3 rooms unreserved on the property and we would like to offer them to interested travelers as we have to pay for the entire property for a minimum of 3 nights. The rooms available are the: Rock Cottage $398 a night Cove Cottage $377 a night Bungalow $266 a night and they must be reserved for 3 nights, Friday 1/23 until Sunday 1/25. Because high season has resulted in fully booked rooms in many of the better resorts in Negril this may be a wonderful "in" of someone traveling to the island who could not otherwise book a room at this resort, if that was their preference. These rooms cannot be booked by calling the hotel directly as we have already reserved the entire property but you can contact us and we can arrange for you your accommodations with the hotel. If you are interested please e-mail me at westbrooksa at aol.com
  19. beyondsmitten Aricka and Anthony January 24, 2009 Tensing Pen Negril Jamaica
  20. I totally understand your concerns. I'm hosting my wedding at Tensing Pen and prefer to allow guests to eat at different places and experience Jamaica outside of and AI environment. The lush grounds, wonderful intimacy of Tensing Pen has helped to make it the first choice for our wedding, but communication with the resort itself has been a challenge. There are a few other places in Negril that also fit this bill, Moondance Villas and Negril Escape could both offer you want you are looking for.
  21. Hi, I have not stayed at Tensing Pen but my wedding will be there... I have visited Jamaica and the Tensing Pen property in December and April. Jamaica is what I think most Americans from the north consider hot all year round, but at night is when you need the A/C and Tensing Pen is surrounded by the ocean and has breezes that flow through the rooms, many of which are shaded by trees. Both of those things make the A/C less necessary. I have some guests who can't imagine being refrigerated at all times. They also could not imagine not having a TV, Tensing Pen does not have phones or TV's in the rooms. Nearby Rockhouse is a good alternative for those guest who must have A/C. I prefer not to have the A/C and have never had one in my home.
  22. Look at the photo blog for sungoldphoto.com I saw a gorgeous wedding that used a raffia like mesh to decorate just the middle isle. It was stunning and I know super cheap... that stuff is like 5.99 a roll at most craft stores. HOME Blog Archive Sherisse & Kyle. I wish I had seen the photo before I bought fabric to make into tiebacks ($175 worth!) THey sell this very same raffia at Jamali Garden Supply in NYC, they have an online site and ship nationwide.
  23. I agree, you made me want to go there too! I am glad your wedding was so wonderful. You looked beautiful, your baby "bump" is cute!
  24. Try Idle Awhile, l lovely small resort on Negril beach.
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