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  1. But that is the thing, it is not liquid fuel, it is liquid wax. It even states on their website that it is not flammable.
  2. What about these?? Are they allowed anywhere on the plane? Hollowick Inc. - Liquid Candlelamps and Lamp Fuel -- No candle mess! Thanks for your help!!
  3. I talked to Kimberly, the wedding coordinator at SATP, after the webinar. She tried to get on but kept getting a busy signal. These are the answers I received about some of the questions from last night. 1 ~ SATP couples do not receive the "Just Married" t-shirts. 2 ~ SATP couples do not receive any of the items on the Honeymoon package. You can purchase for $150. 3 ~ It is Jamaican law that you must be married by 8pm, but it is SATP rule that you must be married by 6pm. So other then a GREAT location and resort, there is no incentive for couples that are getting married there or going there on their honeymoon!! Hope this helps!!
  4. This is great!!!! Thank you for sharing!! I have signed up!
  5. Kimberly is the new WC at SATP. The "Sickness" was determine by the Health Department in Negril, to be brought in by a tourist and spread to guess of a wedding party. No need for alarm and everything is back to normal!!
  6. We are ALMOST done with the planning. All that is left is to email over our documents, get MY passport, and burn the music CD. I will be making all of the OTT bags the first few days we are in Jamaica because I want to fill them with Jamaican stuff. 95 days until we are IN Jamaica!!!!! YEAH MON!!!!
  7. We are getting married on Sept 19th, 2009 in Negril Jamaica!!!
  8. Regina!!! THANK YOU!!!! That is NOT the email I have, I have been using the one that I got from Kimberly a while ago. I will try that one and pray that it works!!! Jennifer I was told by my TA AND Charm that I have to deal directly with the resort for the wedding. I can't even put the cost of the wedding into my TA package, I have to pay the resort separate. Now that I have another email for Kimberly, I will send her one and ask her if that has changed now that Charm is gone, but you'd think that my TA would tell me too!! Thanks for all of your help!!!!
  9. Then how will I know if my date is saved? I haven't even given them a deposit yet!! We have paid for the resort and the airfare already and SATP doesn't deal with TA's. IF I could just get some kind of word that our date is saved, I would feel so much better!!!
  10. User Name: Tracykim Name: Tracy & Joe Location: Sunset At The Palms ~ Negril, Jamaica Wedding: Septmeber 19th, 2009 in JA: 09/16/09-09/27/09
  11. Hello All!!! I just found out about this site from Trip Advisor. I am having my wedding at SATP in Sept of 2009. I am having a heck of a time getting any information out of Kimberly. I thought it was going to be better once Charm left but the communication has seemed to have gotten worse with Kimberly. I have left 3 phone messages and you do not want to know how many emails have gone unanswered!!! Are any of you having better luck then I?? Thanks for your help!! Tracy
  12. 1. Name ~ Tracy 2. Wedding date ~ September 19th, 2009 3. Wedding location ~ Sunset At The Palms ~ Negril Jamaica I am hoping to learn a bunch about this resort and their weddings. I am having a heck of a time getting Kimberly to respond to my emails. Thanks, Tracy
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