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  1. White, sand with persimmon accents
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by n&n112109 FINALLY a date twin!!!! Glad to be ur date twin Nicole!
  3. petals, what an inspiring planning thread. All the DIY projects that you did ... that birdcage veil, stunning!!! Everything looks amazing. Congratulations & enjoy your honeymoon.
  4. #1 definitely, very pretty. It will reflect the light nicely.
  5. Hi Ladies! I just stumbled upon this thread and got through all 53 pgs ... phew! I'm getting married Nov.21st at Villas Sur Mer in Negril, Jamaica. So far we've ... put a deposit down on the wedding & reception venue chose the menu chose the cake booked the wedding photographer decided on center pieces decided on color & theme decided on the wedding party (2 BM & 2 GM) bought my wedding gown - OTR monique lhuiller for $900 barely tried on! chose groom's & GM outfits bought 1 BM dress chose groom's wedding band 38 ppl booked at the wedding venue so far. I passed on the STDs since we sent out an email blast in January informing most of our loved ones of our decision to have a destination wedding & of the date we chose. I bought my invitation paper & am waiting for it to arrive this week so I can print & send them out asap. I feel like i'm super behind with these tho Glad you ladies are here! Happy Planning to everyone
  6. A year in advance is not too soon. I think the more notice you give your guests the better it is for them. A DW is like booking a vacation after all. Although it would be really nice to send hand written save-the-dates on Mexican postcards w/ Mexican stamps don't feel pressured to send anything out if you haven't finalized a date or place! I am getting married in in Negril in November & I am sending out my invitations this month.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Outdoor_girl1010 Very well put. Thanks for all the guys. We are going to just send them out to everyone. I know I have read that you can send the STD out up to a year out but what about the invite and the RSVP. I really would like to a head count more than a month out. For the head count my FI & I emailed everyone & put links to the resort where we are having the wedding & my two other options (accommodating various budgets). We recieved prompt responses. I had to badger a few key ppl who didnt get back to me but it seemed to work out well.
  8. jens

    Tensing Pen Brides

    Wow! The photos of Tensing Pen are beautiful. thanks for posting them. I found a great wedding planner who suggested another beautiful location on the cliffs, Villas Sur Mer. So I'm hoping this one will work out!
  9. Hi Ladies, Its been a while since i've been on here. My year to date just past on friday! Username: Jens Name: Jen & Dave Location: Villas Sur Mer (hopefully, just waiting on a few more details) Wedding: 11/21/2009 Happy Planning ladies!
  10. Thanks so much for the post, there are some really inspiring photos here!
  11. jens

    Getting married 06/09 undecided where in Jamaica

    I agree w/ what JUSTUS2. It's not a stupid idea at all. This way you can spend time with your friends & fam but have some alone time to enjoy your new hubby.
  12. Hi Ladies, I am planning to get married in Negril in November 2009. Looking for another location on a tight schedule ... yikes! The Tensing Pen looks like an absolutely amazing wedding venue but the only drawback is that only a few rooms have AC. I was wondering if any brides that have had their weddings there have had any complaints from guests re:no AC?
  13. jens

    Negril bound Bride-to-be

    Hi everyone my name is Jen & I am getting married on November 21 2009 hoping to find a new venue for my Negril wedding. Unfortunately my original venue fell through changing the terms last minute to something outrageous. Needless to say im on the prowl & optimistic to find a new venue in Negril. Im excited to be part of the community, thanks for having me!