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  1. We totally lucked out! We got married last weekend in Dreams PV and we opted NOT to have fireworks. Well, as luck would have it...someone else decided to host a fireworks show on April 18th.... Needless to say, our guests were so impressed by the fireworks show "we" hosted....
  2. Hi, Here is a rough draft of our ceremony. Hope this helps.... We pulled this together using a few different ceremonies that we found online. Wedding ceremony final.doc
  3. We're having ours outside the resort too. We were between Boca Bento and Epoca, but in the end went with Boca Bento. We liked the menu better, but they both had good reviews. We are doing it all sight unseen...
  4. Hi Guys, I'm getting married in April at Dreams. As the RSVP's started rolling in, we realized that we had WAY more people than we had initially anticipated. We were thinking we would have 75 guests max. Then, all of a sudden the international RSVP's starting rolling in... It looks like we are going to have 90 guests now. Not a big deal... Only problem is that the Terrace at Dreams doesnt fit that many people comfortably with a dance floor.... Our options are to have the wedding on the beach, or in a reception area inside. What do you guys think? Has anyone been married indoors at Dreams? I think we are leaning towards having it on the beach, but are a little worried that the sand would be annoying after a while. Thoughts??
  5. Hi! I'm glad that you guys pointed out that the Malecon is the best on Sunday, I wouldnt have known that. Thanks!! We are expecting about 90 - 110 guests, so it would have been pretty pricey for us to arrange a formal welcome dinner/cocktails. Instead, we are having an informal theme party/welcome cocktails at the Barracuda Bar on the Thursday before the wedding. We are bringing name tags for the theme party, because so many of the guests do not know each other and it will be a fun ice breaker and help start conversations. April 18th is really sneaking up on us!
  6. I gave my shower hostess an orchid in a really nice pot. She seemed to really like it.
  7. thanks!! does anyone have PV-specific horror/success stories? I was thinking of going to Sam's or the market to pick up some thing as well.
  8. Hi, I just searched the PV forum for info on OOT bags. I wasn't able to find anything. What is everyone doing for their OOT bags? I want to assemble them myself. Ideally, I would like to buy everything (or almost everything) here and then ship a box down to PV. I'm nervous that the box will get lost in-transit. What have others done? I just don't want to spend a day down there shopping for/assembling the bags if I can avoid it. Thanks for your help! Marisol
  9. We are doing the same thing too. Secretly getting married in SF and then heading to PV for the symbolic ceremony. We have chosen some pretty great readings, does anyone have a copy of their ceremony to share? Rob's friend is marrying us, which will be great bc he is an amazing speaker, but I have no idea about the ceremony outline. I found some online, but they seemed really long and most were very religious.
  10. Your pictures are amazing! Your photographer did a great job. You all looked so nice!!! My fiance really likes the groomsmen's shirts and your husbands shirt. I'm getting married at Dreams in April...can't wait!
  11. How about some hot sauce? I found this on The Knot. Unique Wedding Favors - Unique Personalized Wedding Favors - Unique Wedding Favor Ideas)
  12. yaya!! have a great time! Can't wait to see pictures when you get back!
  13. I'm getting married next April. We are using DD and they have been really easy and great to work with. All of the pictures I have seen of their weddings have been really classy and fun!
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