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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by wsarah2107 Everything turned out awesome!! Just curious...how many postcards did you get back?? I LOOOVE that idea!! But I'd be worried nobody would do it and it was a waste of stamps Thanks Kate!!!!! Ya, so we only got back about 1/4 of them!! Thus, it might have been a bit of a waste of stamps, but we did really appreciate the ones we got back!! Plus, our guests might have been a little more...ditzy...than most
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by breeze616 Also, Its not that obvious in the photo, but they arent very tall... my guess is maybe 5 inches off the table... I took some pics of them but my camera died so I'm charging it now. Just check out the second pic I posted where I put a sharpie pen beside the table number holders - you can see how tall they are there. I'd say you're right, 5 inches or so....also check out Ikea or Pier One....both have similar styles right now...$1.25 each plus shipping to the US is a great deal for any US gals who want to take you up on your kind offer!!
  3. Update: table number holders, starfish, sand dollars, palm tree punch, ribbon, and hole punch are sold. Thanks!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by MoJay09 I would love the table number holders... just sent you a PM! I replied to your PM - let me know if you still want them! Thx!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by msmoodyr I love those table number holders ..where did you find them? I wish I could remember - sorry! I'll ask DH tonight and see if he remembers....it seems so long ago now we got them!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by MayBride2010 kate...where did you find the sand dollars and star fish? I got the star fish off someone here on the forum who bought them on ebay, I believe. I got the sand dollars at a local home decor store...sorry I can't be more help! Quote: Originally Posted by kris I would also be interested in the starfish if Robin isn't...also wondering how much to ship to canada? Someone PM'ed me before yours and Robin's posts about the starfish - I will let you know if they become available - thanks!
  7. A central thread for dresses FS? Who knew I just posted mine here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t45559 It is a Maggie - open to any offers! Thanks! Kate
  8. Christina - just posted mine for sale here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t45559 - let me know if it is your style, but you might have already found something!
  9. 7.Ribbon – ¼ inch wide – blue, orange, and brown available – 7 spools total - $4 8.Mini metallic key chain clips – one dozen, good for OOT bags. $1 or I’ll toss in if you buy 4 other items. Here they are at OTC: Mini Clip Key Chains 8.Ribbon stitch hole punch – this thing was a lifesaver while we did our starfish name tags! It creates two parallel side by side ¼ inch slots for you to weave ribbon through, attach tags, tie bows, etc. $10 Thanks! Kate
  10. Wedding extras for sale! Please PM me if interested. Shipping extra. 1.Table number stands – these are actually photo clips that I purchased intending to use to hold our table numbers…we ended up forgetting them and using the resort ones instead. They’re clear, but reflect the light as you can see in the first pic. Eight available, $6. 2.Finger starfish – about 20 available (I’ll try to find a few more in my piles of stuff, but I’ve found at least 20 so far!) – these range in size – most are the large ones you see on the right, but 3 or 4 of them are as small as the one on the left. We used them for our escort cards. $5 3.Sand dollars – about 33 left (again, I’ll try to find a couple extras to toss in) – we attached these with glue dots to our menus. $5 4.Small palm tree punch - $2 5. Sand dollar stamp - $2 6.Assorted “beachy†stamps – these attach to any stamp block - $3 Cont...
  11. Great (and very complete!) review, Melissa!!! Reading it was like reliving our wedding...what great memories that you'll have for years to come! I love seeing how your planning came together so beautifully after these months of preparation - I echo Kate B - what a fun process this has been, so hard to believe it is over Your pics are so great....CONGRATS MRS!!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Sandra&Mario absolutely beautiful slideshow! it's giving me a taste of what my wedding will look like! we have the same colors! i also happened to noticed on the engagement ring thread that your ring is practically identical to mine except i have a double band shank setting...i love our unique style! and i love your photographer...every shot was candid and artistic! perfect! Thanks!!!! I really loved having the bright colours, especially in a tropical location And love the e-ring!!! Great minds think alike Can't wait to see some pics from your wedding in January....good luck with your planning.
  13. Great job, Mel!! I'm sure your guests appreciated all the work you put in. Congrats again!
  14. Hey Kristin! There are a bunch of Playa Fiesta brides on here. I just got married there in February! Check out our thread here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t36534
  15. Hey guys! It is Mel's wedding day!! Here's her congrats thread: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t41798
  16. Hope you're having the most amazing week at Playa Fiesta!!! Congrats to you and Bryan!! We're thinking about you today and wish you nothing but the best. xoxo!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by danielled Kate, I LOVE all of your DIY stuff! One question, how did you make your logo? WHat program/ website did you use? Thanks a bunch!!!! Danielle Hi Danielle! DH and I made our monogram using powerpoint (see Mikkistreak's stickied thread at the top of the DIY subforum) and photoshop, using some images I got off google, etc. It took a while to get it right! Have you looked at getting a monogram by Allurements by Rebecca? I think she is still giving a free monogram to BDW members. Check out: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t40593 hope that helps!! We put ours on everything!!
  18. So happy and excited for your Melissa!!! We're thinking about you and can't wait to hear how your week went!!!
  19. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!! As an update, here are a few pics of the menus and programs at the wedding:
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by Mel&B Look who's back. Woo Hoo! I was kinda hoping my addiction would be cured, but alas....Melissa, you leave so soon!!!!!!!! AAAHHH, I'm so excited for you!!!!
  21. I love VP! I did menus (on brochure paper), programs, postcards for our guest book, luggage tags (on business cards), our pre-wedding welcome brochures, door hangers (also on brochure paper), thank you cards, etc etc. I've put some pics in this thread: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t29750 And here are a few of the menus/programs:
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by sunandrun Kate, I love your postcard idea...I am planning on stealing the idea, however I can't seem to get my logo on the postcard. How did you download yours? Everytime I try I get a white box around mind. Thanks! I had this happen too. To be honest, I can't really remember how I fixed it! I designed my logo in Photoshop, and I think I had to do something like save the jpeg as a transparency or something, so that the cropped oval didn't have a white square background. There was also a way to crop that I wasn't using that would have worked....I'm sorry I can't be more help!! I do remember that I eventually found the answer by googling "crop oval in photoshop" or something. Quote: Originally Posted by ErikDaGenErik very nice!!! I love the luggage tags!!! I have been searching so many sites to get cheap ones. Now I know i could just order them as business cards! Yay!!! Where do I find cheap plastic clear sleeves I got them off Amazon - check Beck's thread here for really great directions on which ones to order: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t23345 They were the cheapest I could find, even with shipping, etc. However, I know people get them from Staples and other places like that too.
  23. I've already told you Kate (obviously I was stalking Elizabeth's blog...lol) but I really love your pictures - I know Elizabeth was your dream photographer and you've been waiting to see these...you must be so happy to finally see the end result!!!! Really, really beautiful. Congrats again!
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