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  1. I booked Lori Lawrence as my wedding coodinator.
  2. The dress i looked at was 750 pre alterations and such.
  3. callasm


    Keep them coming. Thank you all for your information.
  4. I know I'm late but I like the one with with the sand dollar.
  5. I love Disney I bet you had so much fun.
  6. I have worked out every day so far this week and hope to continue. I am overweight and decided to do something about it. Its hard but im going to keep trying. I'm not trying to be super skinny just healthy and plus I want to look relatively nice in my wedding gown.
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    Anyone here get married or know anyone who married at Seawatch on Maui? Have heard good things about the place and was wonding.
  8. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I look forward to getting more ideas and such for my wedding.
  9. Hi all, My name is Lawanda and my fiance's name is MacKenzie We are looking to get married in hawaii on either Oahu or Maui. were having a small wedding about 15-20 guests with an AHR when we return.
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