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  1. Hi Laura - Sorry to post here, it would not let me reply on the private message. Due to financial reason with some of our family and friends, a little tough to ask people without jobs to fly to Maui ): we are having the ceremony here and going to Maui for our honeymoon. But there was a couple other people on previous threads that had good luck w/Precious Maui Weddings. Let's just say in this economy I don't think anyone wants a bad review so I think she'll be great. Good Luck, Happy Planning. Lisa09
  2. I'm glad to hear such good things eases my mind, I'll be watching for the reviews after your wedding!
  3. Fiber One Honey Clusters, good taste 13 grams of fiber
  4. norskheather - Considering your situation I think you could easily do the reception later and register, if you feel strange about it, register at practical places where you can get anything and maybe let a few close relatives and friends know and they can spread it around to everyone if you don't really want to say. I would think if people know your planning a June reception you could send out the invites like 6 weeks before. Maybe mention it in the original invite somehow with information to follow at a later date.
  5. My sister pet sits by word of mouth sometimes she gets a cash tip sometimes a gift certificate or a gift. Usually it's like the 2nd time they use her or if it's around a holiday. But she's also just happy to get paid to do something she enjoys part-time.
  6. Maui brides, I know quite a few are going to the Seawatch, I'm pretty sure I'm going there also. Did your coordinator book that or did you do it on your own. Also myself and someone else are looking at Precious Maui Weddings but no one seems to know about them. How did you pick your coordinators and why, there are so many to choose from.
  7. You might want to check if it's a theme party sometimes the cake and decorations will give some clues. Also in addition to the toy I love buying a cute little outfit, little kids clothes are so fun to buy. My daughter always wanted to try the new clothes on right away so it was like a little fashion show at the b-day party!
  8. I've actually been to Maui before and also to that luau it was alot of fun. Thanks for the heads up though. This time we'll be staying more towards Wailea so I think if I can find a luau closer to the condo then people won't have to drive so far. It's funny complaining about the diving distance on an island!!!
  9. I'm also considering Precious Maui Weddings, I was planning on contacting her this fall. The prices seem reasonable when comparing all the other coordinators and she doesn't seem to have the mark up on on locations that some of the other coordinators have. I'm not sure if she has a coordination fee or not but I didn't see it on her website. I hate when they give the package prices and when you look around on the website you find out there's an 18% or higher fee added on to the total.
  10. I agree with everyone this is your dream and your day, have the DW. If more people come than you expect maybe you can scale back the AHR, do something outside at a park or at your home have it in the afternoon instead of meal time. BTW since mom wants to invite all those extra people is she willing to chip in $$ for anything!? Could you tell her you can't really afford to have more people.
  11. Just google green orchid bouquets and click on images, you'll get all kinds. I'm using green orchids also.
  12. We are having a party with dinner, music etc. I'm avoiding the word reception and opting to call it a celebration, we're not looking for gifts just want to share our joy. I'm even saying on the invitations "celebrate with us when we return", It's the 2nd time for both so we are having it at restaurant trying to keep it laid back and casual. It will be under 100 - immediate family & friends.
  13. One question - is anyone wearing their wedding dress? I read somewhere that your not suppose to but less that 15 ppl will have seen me in the dress and we are having the AHR a week later so we won't have been back to work yet -- so I'm thinking it's like a continuation of the celebration like we just came from the ceremony!?
  14. We are doing the same thing, I considered an outdoor venue but am now considering a resturant, depending on the number of people you could check out Spill the Wine or a place with food that matches with your DW, check out opentable.com and you can find out which restaurants have banquet rooms. Some of the Golf Courses are pretty reasonable.
  15. I could see the airlines considering it they obviously have issues with people on weight and appearence when you look at some of the stories over the past couple of years. How would they charge -- you would purchase your ticket based on your weight (drivers license) and they would have a scale at the ticket counter just like for baggage and if it's more than you said there would be an upcharge just like you baggage. I doubt there would be a discount if it was less!!! Sad to say but, we are just baggage they haul from one place to another give us a little food and drink so we shut up and don't bother them, and now we won't be getting that.
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