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    Jenny Craig

    I just started 2 1/2 weeks ago and I've lost 6 pounds already. I really like it. My cousin is on it too and she's lost 20 pounds in 4 months. The food is surprisingly good. However beware of the sweedish meatballs YUCK!!! Jenny is expensive but it works and it's convenient.
  2. I'm getting married there in november. I haven't dealt with Charm to much since I booked the date with her. My travel agent asked for a confirmation so I called Charm to send me a letter that the date was confirmed and she sent it within 2 hours. If there is something you need immediately from Charm, I suggest you call her directly instead of emailing her. She has responded to a few emails I sent within the past few months but I find that when I call she is willing to help. I just called 2 weeks ago to change the time and I spoke with her assistant Roxanne. luv2love just got married there in May and she said Roxanne and Charm will take care of you when you get there. She had a fabulous wedding. If there is anything I can help you with just PM me.
  3. yay another Sunset at the Palms bride!!!
  4. djtinnie

    Nov 08 brides

    hi everyone! i just wanted to share with all of the november brides, i tried on my wedding dress today...it was so exciting and made it more real that our wedding is coming soon. i hope everyone's planning is going well.
  5. djtinnie

    Italy 2008

    Congrats! I love Italy especially Siena. I lived in Siena for 4 months when I was in college. We're trying to go back next year for our 1 year anniversary and to visit my Italian Mama (the lady I lived with when I was studying there).
  6. djtinnie

    Nov 08 brides

    wow you girls are on top of it! i have barely just thought about my invitations. since only 18 people are coming...pretty much 90% of the people we invited are coming...i'm sending my invites out in August.
  7. djtinnie

    How many countries have you been to?

    Great thread Alyssa! 1. US (most states including Hawaii) 2. Italy 3. France 4. Switzerland 5. Canada 6. Philippines 7. Mexico 8. China (only Hong Kong though) 9. Bahamas 10. Jamaica...well in November
  8. djtinnie

    To Cut or Not to Cut

    i say cut it! you look so cute with short hair. i've had my hair this length for 4 years now...it was shorter than what you want before I grew it out again. i've been wanting to cut it but since the wedding is coming up in November i'm keeping it long. but once i get back i'm chopping it off! i can't wait for the change.
  9. great job Danielle! i wish my fi would help out with the invites. i haven't done mine yet! i only need no more than 15 invites anyways. yours came out so nice!!!
  10. djtinnie

    Help- Photographers in Negril

    I liked Sungold as well but they were booked for my day too. The photographer that they recommended was beyond my budget. I booked Frank Panaro Photography. He's based in Miami however his prices are comparable to those who are based in Negril. His prices include his travel cost. Tell him Christine Gulapan referred you. Here's his website: Miami Wedding Photographers – Frank Panaro Photography and Video I also checked out the following photographers: Brian Design - Photography & Website Design by Brian Nejedly - Ocho Rios, Jamaica Jamaica Wedding and Portrait Photographer-Michael Chen
  11. djtinnie

    Jamaica travel brochure

    thanks so much for sharing!
  12. beautiful pictures! you two look amazing.
  13. djtinnie

    Bride In Boracay

    welcome! this forum is great. i heard boracay is beautiful. my dad is retired and he now lives in the philippines. people there are friendly and the dollar goes a long way. enjoy!
  14. your dress is beautiful. mine is estimated to be $300 for hemming, taking it in, and the bustle. she told me the bustle will be $150 to $200. anything wedding related is always an eye opener when i see the price!