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  1. Congrats on choosing SATP - I am sure you will be happy with everything. Kimberly is great. We had our reception in the Lotus Leaf because I was told an outdoor reception was not an option when I asked. This may have had something to do with our wedding size, I am not sure. There did do a dinner on the beach for the all of the guests at the resort one of the nights we were there and it was wonderful. You could probably ask if they could do something similar for your reception. I have lots of pictures of the beach party and dinner set up. You can pm your email address and I will send them to you if you like. All the best, Shannon
  2. No problem! I believe it was $65 US and I have long hair. I found most of the spa prices pretty reasonable. Good luck!
  3. Hello! We are back from our wedding at SATP! It was absolutely wonderful in every way and I have zero complaints. I will post a full review once we get our pictures. I ended up getting my hair done at their spa without doing a trial the day before (they looked at me funny when I asked about a trial). I didn't ask for anything too complicated and I was pleased with the results. I would recommend them as long as you are not too picky. I tried to post some pictures to give you an idea of my hair...but I am not sure if it worked at not since I am at work. I will try to post some close ups of my hair later tonight. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi there! There are a few of us on here getting married at SATP. We leave this weekend for our wedding there. Feel free to ask any questions! Shannon
  5. Wow - we are right before you at SATP - our wedding is on Jan. 29 /09! I wish I could afford to fly a stylist in, that would be nice! I think I am just going to hope for the best, not ask for anything too complicated and do a trial the day before to make sure it will be ok. I think I will do my own makeup, that is probably a safer bet.
  6. Hi everyone - has anyone gotten married at SATP and had their hair and/or makeup done using their spa services? Has anyone used a salon outside the resort, in Negril? Thanks!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by luv2love Hooray! A fellow SATP bride!!! I am getting married at SATP May 7, '08. It's such a beautiful resort, I can't wait! Have you viewed the resort video on their website? That's what made the final decision for me! Thanks everyone! luv2love - I am so excited that there is a fellow SATP bride on here! How far along are you in planning? I am still waiting to hear back from Charm...I hear it can take a while in the beginning... Jenny - I am pm-ing you with some details about SATP ok?
  8. We FINALLY settled on a resort and date - Hurray! We decided to do it at Sunset at the Palms the last week of January 2009. I'm just waiting to hear back from the resort to confirm the wedding date... Now it finally seems real! Just thought I'd share my excitement - and add one more for the "non-ROR" brides team on here.
  9. Ok, we promised ourselves we would have a choice by the end of this week...but now we are moving backwards. Not so sure about Jamaica anymore...my original choice, the Hilton Papagayo in Costa Rica has turned out to not be as expensive as expected so it is back in the running. Almost all our Jamaica choices are looking too pricey for our guests. SO I think it is down to the Sunset at the Palms in Negril or the Hilton Papagayo in Costa Rica. Ahh, decisions..decisions... At some point do I just have stop thinking and commit to one?? I thought a destination wedding was the stress-free option...hahahahha
  10. Thanks everyone! Also - geology_rocks, thanks for the head's up on Grand Lido Negril. I did some extensive reading on trip advisor and was feeling iffy...you just confirmed what I was feeling...so thanks again! Our TA is supposed to get back to me this week with some actual prices...so hopefully we can FINALLY pick a place this week! (Fingers crossed).
  11. Hi all, We have just decided today that Jamaica is where we are going to do this! Originally, it was Costa Rica, but a lack of choices made me think it might not be the best choice for our wedding. Anyways - we are looking at the Grand Lido Negril, Sandals Negril, or Sandals Dunn's River. Our travel agent just returned from a tour of all of the Jamaican Sandals resorts and these were the 2 she thought we should go with. We don't have any children coming and the majority of our guests will be couples. Does any one have any recommendations? Am I overlooking any other resorts? We would like an adult's only resort, but other than that..we are pretty open to ideas. Any help would be much appreciated! I am starting to feel the pressure and we need to finally make a firm decision asap. Thanks in advance!!
  12. Hi and welcome! Are you planning on Costa Rica as well? You are right, the Paradisus looks fantastic - but it is also far and beyond the most expensive! Way out of our price range unfortunately.
  13. Hi there! I ruled out the Occidental for a few reasons - mostly that is was a bit on the small side. We wanted a big enough resort that our guests could feel like they had their own space to do their own thing. The black sand beach was also a bit of an issue...was it that bad? Also - I know this is not always a reliable source - but after looking on tripadvisor.com I saw a lot of negative reviews, with some pretty gross pictures of the bathrooms. I have heard lots of good things about it too - but I am just so nervous about planning a pricey vacation for people that are not 100% happy with the idea of a DW in the first place...not to mention any names (*cough* the inlaws to be)... Also, Feb. is when most people can travel & the most desirable time to leave cold & yucky Ottawa. However, Feb. is the dry season in Costa Rica. I work with a number of scientists that spend a lot of time in CR and was warned that this isn't the most "green & lush" time to travel there. So I am having my doubts...but nothing is completely decided yet. ...So you were 100% happy with the Occidental??
  14. Hello, a new CR bride to be here... We are in the process of picking a resort for Feb. (2009). I know it is far ahead, but I would like to at least get a place picked soon... Our travel agent narrowed it down to three places: Occidental Grand Papagayo Premier Fiesta Resort & Spa Allegro Papagayo I took a long look on tripadvisor.com and was immediately turned off the Occidental & Allegro...which leaves me with the Premier. However, Hilton is taking over the Premier and renovating soon. Word is that the 2009 prices are going to be higher. It is already at the top of the budget...so this is not good news! So now I am thinking - should I choose somewhere else (i.e. give up on Costa Rica?). Should I settle on a different resort that I have a bad feeling about? Should I try to plan for Fall 2008 instead so I can get the good 2008 pricing? We thought everyone would be most willing to travel for our wedding in Feb...since it will be the nastiest time of year here in Ottawa and far enough away from Christmas... Also I wanted to avoid the "green season"... Ahhh, I don't know what to do! Any suggestions? Am I missing any other nice all-inclusive resorts in CR? Thanks in advance!!
  15. Hi all, Hi I'm Shannon and I'mm just freshly engaged. We are planning a DW in Costa Rica for Feb. 2009. I am from Ottawa & we have just narrowed our resort choice down to three... Any advice from the fellow CR brides would be much appreciated!!
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