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  1. I got married at MDC in Nov. There is a thread further below about Moon Dance Cliffs that is helpful. You can swim off the cliffs. They have 2 places to jump off. It isn't anything big like Rick's-but it was perfect for the resort. The resort itself is gorgeous, and there are plenty of great photo ops. You pay for what you want-ie flowers. We brought the majority of our decorations with us.
  2. I have tried to post my review 3 times! Unfortuantely, I didn't c&p from word. And I don't feel like typing it again. But we are back. We got back last week-and I wish I was still in negril! Email me at mastistyle at hotmail and I can send you pics, give you my reviews etc. vendors I used: Michael Saab Photography Miss Myries Cakes (through MDC) Steel drum band (through MDC) Fire dancer (through MDC) Kamla Spa for hair only Sound Illusions (DJ) Tai FLora-flowers
  3. Hi ladies-sorry I haven't been on here much. We leave next week for our wedding-and I can't wait. Of course I have a ton of things to do before we leave, but I am at the point if it doesn't get done-oh well! But I will be sure to come back with full reviews of all the vendors I am using. Have a great weekend!
  4. Hi ladies...I am lurking again! How are your pplans coming along? We hit the 2 month mark last week...where is the time going Advice for all of you other ladies-DON"T WAIT to do anything...get as muchas you can do now. Im a mess right now! Un-bride-what happened? i hope they straightened everything out...
  5. Hi ladies! Just wanted to say hi...how is everyon'e planning coming along? I am just under 3 months...I think Neha and I seem to be the next ones...
  6. Sound Illusion DISC JOCKEY ENTERTAINMENT- MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS P.O.BOX 25, NEGRIL, WESTMORELAND, JAMAICA. (876) 957-5267 (876) 382-9167 EMAIL: soundillusionent@hotmail.com
  7. MissBlade-we are only having the jamaican ceremony. I have heard mixed reviews about the time it takes to get the marriage certificate. (3 weeks all the way to 9 weeks!). And another date-more planning-something I don't want! Christy335-I know Miriam has been on vacation-but Kim should be able to get back with you.Are you calling the Chicago office? As far as the tips-everything we are paying for has a tax and gratuity added to it (18.25%)-so I am assuming that includes the WC. I am not trying to be cheap-but an additional tip adds up!
  8. Neha-do you have any guests staying at other resorts? How much is MDC charging you for them to attend the wedding/reception? I am not sure what to do about tips-the resort already charges service and gratuity-so I am not sure to handle that. Ceremony music-probably using IPOD since it is just a few songs. I am having indian music as well as western songs for the ceremony. But can you tell me if I am leaving anything off? Guests being seated Minister entrance Groom's entrance (Bridal party) Bride's entrance (backround music for readings) Bride/Groom leavin
  9. hi ladies-just wanted to say hi. I haven't posted in a while...how is everyones planning going? My invites will be sent out Monday. I just have to seal the inner envelopes and label them and they are done! I am at the point now that I just wanted to get them out the door... big3n09-We are not doing a video. FI and I went back and forth about it. There are pros and cons for each side-but in reality-we knew we would probably watch it just once after the wedding and we didn't want to spend that extra money. I know there are a few of us on here-but when are your wedding dates? I tried
  10. I have only heard good things about Sound Illusion. I can't seem to get a set price per hour. They first quoted me $275/hr but another bride used them and paid $200/hr.
  11. I am getting married at the villas sister property-the cliffs. Unfortunately, it has been the same with brides there as well. But in the end, every bride has said they did a fabulous job-and it was perfect. That is my fear as well-being over budgeted on everything...
  12. Lynnmb1031-I am in the same boat. When I first started planning, I said I was going to go the IPOD route to cut costs. ANd now I keep going back and forth btwn a DJ and the IPOD route. the IPOD is def cheaper, but then there is not any mixing, and I would assume the DJ will play songs by judging the atmoshpere.
  13. Has anyone used Sound Illusion DJ's in negril? And does anyone have their currect price list? Thanks!
  14. Un-bride-congrats! I have a question for any of you ladies using Sound Illusions (DJ). How much did they quote you per hour? They sent me something saying it was $220 an hour...but I thought I read somewhere it was lower...
  15. For those of you getting married in Negril-do you have any suggestions on a cake baker? Thanks!
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