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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by srbina We finally signed our contract and put a deposit down on Monday for CasaMagna April 2009! I've been searching around the forum and haven't been able to find anyone who has or who will be getting married at CasaMagna. Anyone out there?!? we just got back from our honeymoon - we were married at the JW next door....but the wedding coordinators are the same for both hotels and were absolutely amazing! i honestly cannot express how wonderful everything was and what a great job they did! i want to do it all over again!
  2. we've been playing around with words too trying to find the right way to phrase it. the phrase "no shorts, flip flops welcome" is something that keeps coming up but we can't figure out how to phrase exactly what we are looking for.
  3. i would def be interested in helpful tips on this software. i plan to download it soon and start working on some vaca pics.....get some practice in before the wedding!
  4. la dolce vita is great. we are probably going to have our welcome dinner there! my FMIL got a very quick response from them regarding our requests. there is also another italian restaurant in the kulkulkan plaza where the ruth chris steakhouse is that is REALLY good. i'm trying to remember the name.....my FI and I went there last year and the food was amazing.
  5. gracefulsteph

    Post your centerpieces here

    ok....let's see if i actually posted this pic! we found these candle holders at ikea on sale. and we added aqua color rocks to complement our theme colors. [/img]
  6. gracefulsteph

    Florist for Cancun?

    thank you! frank from the jw told me that he usually works with either vanessa jaimes or eventoseuforia.com. i'm hearing good reviews about vanessa? any word on the 2nd one?
  7. gracefulsteph

    Anyone doing turquoise?

    bill levkoff is a great website too to view dresses in all different colors and styles. my SIL picked her dresses from there when her and my brother got married 2 yrs ago. the dresses were such good quality! Bridesmaid Dresses and Gowns for formal Occasions: Bill Levkoff i have 2 flowers girls...no BMs. but i think i will be getting their dresses from bill levkoff because i know the quality is so good.
  8. gracefulsteph

    centerpiece-no flowers

    i found them in one of of their end of season sale catalogs. ended up buying them at the store. i just tried to find them on-line for you but they don't have them anymore. i have one out in my house....i'll try and take a pic and post it soon so you can get an idea of what i'm talking about. now....just gotta figure out how to getting them all shipped down in one piece!! lol...
  9. gracefulsteph

    Starfish Themed Wedding

    thx for this great link shelly! we are incorporating both starfish and palm trees in our wedding and your pics gave me some good ideas! thx for sharing!
  10. very nice beachy items! love them! thx for sharing!
  11. gracefulsteph

    Natalie & Lance (trashing of the dress)

    those are amazing! great job juan! and i love the song choice too! natalie - is that keith urban? so happy i decided to splurge on the TTD!
  12. gracefulsteph

    Wedding Ring Burial

    that is one of the funniest things i have ever seen!
  13. gracefulsteph

    Airlines that allow wedding dress as carry-ons

    my future cousin-in-law is a flight attendant for continental and she told me to ask to put my dress in the closet. she said i could call ahead, but all they would say was "ok, we'll make a note of it"....she said she's always been really good with brides bringing their dresses on flights....so hopefully i will get someone as nice as her! would love for her to fly on our flight!! lol guess i should ask my bridal shop about the $10 garment bag too!! lol...anyway to get more money out of us, huh!
  14. gracefulsteph

    Jennifer & Keith wedding slideshow

    absolutely gorgeous pics! love the dress, the flowers, the kids, all of it! juan does such a great job in making everyone's wedding pics so personal and beautiful! everytime i see a slideshow from him....i realize how lucky i am to have booked him!
  15. gracefulsteph

    Florist for Cancun?

    thx so much ladies! still can't see the pics yet. but i'll keep working on it. and i'm gonna email julieta and see what she can offer. thx!