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    Mexican Customs & Luggage Allowances

    We didn't have any trouble in customs but they did tell us that we needed to have the receipts for everything in case we got the red light when we hit the button. Probably a good idea to keep the receipts with all of your goodies.
  2. uclamurray

    Cabo Limo & Bus Rental?

    We used a bus to get everyone from the Fiesta Americana to the marina for a sunset cruise. I don't know the company name (Baja Weddings booked them) but to give you an idea on price it was $400 one way and the bus fit 45 people. Hope that helps.
  3. uclamurray


    We are having churros instead of wedding cake. Yum!
  4. uclamurray

    Leaving Tomorrow!

    We are leaving tomorrow for our wedding at the Fiesta Americana. YAY! I promise to post losts of details and pics when I get back.
  5. uclamurray

    Bridesmaid Jewelry

    red envelope has cute jewelry and i know that the jewelry was on sale last week.
  6. uclamurray

    Additional Info for Save the Dates?

    We included only the date, the city, and our wedding website. This lets you put TONS of info on your website and you can keep updating it as you add activities or have FAQ's. We used weddingwindow.com and I thought it was really easy to use.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Minx1969 just wanted to update you that Baja Weddings did come back and lower the overall fee to about $2500 so we are all set! So glad to hear this. My experience with them has been wonderful.
  8. uclamurray

    Best website for OOT Bags!!!!!!!

    Thanks. This is a great site. USAless is another good one but they don't have nearly as much selection.
  9. I am way scared of the blood test and bruise easily. So we are getting married in the U.S. the day before we go down (shhh...don't tell the guests) and my father is going to do the ceremony for us. It won't be legal but we really care more about the commitment aspect of it anyway. To us the legal part is just a piece of paper.
  10. uclamurray

    Margarita Toast

    Since champagne is *SO* expensive at the Fiesta Americana and not included in the open bar, we have decided to do a margarita toast instead. Does anyone have a cute idea of how to serve the margaritas so they are more "toast-like"? I thought maybe in champagne glasses but would that be weird? Ideas or photos would be great!
  11. uclamurray

    Caborey anyone?

    I haven't used them, but I know that the travel agent we are working with in the states uses them often and recommends them. Don't know how much help that is? Does yours include dinner? We were quoted $46 per person, but that was only for drinks and chips and salsa.
  12. uclamurray

    Past Fiesta Americana Brides??

    Quote: Originally Posted by michelle08 what is your wedding date?? I am getting married there may 26th. We are doing on consumption. The per hour per person rates were outrageous!!!! our group drinks but not all of them enough to make it worth that price...so we are taking are chances w/ consumption and i think most of the other FA girls did the same... We are there on May 3. We'll get the bar tenders warmed up for you!
  13. uclamurray

    Past Fiesta Americana Brides??

    Thanks for the information. That's very helpful!
  14. Does anyone have contact information for La Europea? I am hoping to order some things ahead of time.
  15. I'm looking for ladies who already had their wedding at FA. Mine is in May but I am torn about what to do for the bar. My WC says do per head per hour for all 5 hours, but the people at FA are suggesting splitting per head per hour and consumption. Just wondering what others have done in the past and how it worked out? Did it end up being more expensive on a consumption basis? Did you run out of alcohol? Or is this a good option toward the end of the night. THANKS!