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  1. Here is my list as of now Dinner Music Aretha Franklin - Baby I Love You The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice Bob Marley - Is This Love Colbie Caillat - Bubbly Diana Krall - 'S Wonderful Frank Sinatra - I get a Kick Out of You Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me Gipsy Kings - Un Amor Gipsy Kings - Hotel California Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning Nacha Pop - Lucha De Gigantes Paul and Linda McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed Ray Charles - I Got a Woman Santana - Smooth Sergio Mendes - Berimbau The Shins - New Slang Snow Patrol - Chocolate Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers - Start the Day Early Sublime - Santeria Tony Bennett - I Left My Heart In San Francisco Vampire Weekend- A-Punk Reception Music First Dance: Sea of Love- Cat Power Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance: There You'll Be- Faith Hill Last Dance: At Last- Etta James Slow Songs Elvis- Can't Help Falling in Love Louis Armstrong- What a Wonderful World Natalie and Nat King Cole- Unforgettable Fast Songs AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long B52's- Love Shack Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love The Foundations- Build Me Up Buttercup James Brown- I Got You (I Feel Good) Jet- Are you Gonna be My Girl Justin Timberlake- Sexyback Kanye West- Golddigger Michael Jackson- Billie Jean Neil Diamond- Sweet Caroline Nelly- Hot in Herre Nelly Furtado- Promiscuous Girl Rihanna - Disturbia Shakira- Hips Don't Lie Sister Sledge- We Are Family Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby Violent Femmes- Blister In the Sun 50 Cent - In da Club
  2. Congrats! Everything looks so great! Your dress is beautiful on you!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by mrsbancroft2be I am going to be getting married at the CasaMagna in Feb. and I am so excited. Everything has been great so far but I ran into a problem this week with my room block. My guests have found a better offer that includes breakfast on-line and are reserving their rooms without using my group code. I emailed my WC and she said there is nothing they can do about it and the rooms that my guest reserve online do not count toward our room block. I am furious, how can I tell my guests I would prefer that they would pay $32 a night more so we don't get stuck paying for rooms that were not used under our block. My WC said she would talk to her supervisors and see if they will change their minds but she doubts it. I can't believe it. So I guess it is something to look at before you sign any contracts and make sure you put a clause in it to not experience this situation. I will keep you posted with this situation. Yikes! I did the same thing (getting married there in April), but I think that most people have booked through the hotel. I can't believe they aren't being flexible! If they are being stubborn and won't budge, maybe then you could make up for the price difference?? It's better than paying for unused rooms. Let me know how it all works out. Good luck!
  4. For those of you who want to walk to Canon in D, Keith Kubena has a nice version of it that I think I might use.
  5. We're not having boutonnieres either. We both decided that we didn't like to look of it. Go for what you want! Plus, it saves some $$
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by samanthag Great job!!!! My FI dad passed away almost 4 weeks ago today so I feel like we are at a standstill. I've actually picked bridesmaids dresses and changed my mind on my dress this past week (he doesn't know any of this) but as far as anything else... nothing. I've even asked him if he wants to postpone the wedding. He says no but at the same time I don't think he's ready to start talking "wedding" again So sorry to hear about your FI's dad. I'm sure it's hard to bring up wedding stuff. But, if he wants to keep the date, I say just start doing things on your own, and he'll join back in when he feels ready to. All my best, Sherry
  7. Great find, and you can't beat the price! I thought I did good finding bags for $4.99/each, but I guess not!
  8. I love the Jason Mraz song! Not sure where to use it yet, maybe the recessional. Keep the ideas coming ladies!
  9. I've been eating well for awhile, but finally got my butt to the gym a few weeks ago. It feels so good to get back into it! My downfall is the weekends. Although I do go for long walks (usually don't make it to the gym), I am not as strict with what I eat. Hopefully I'm doing good enough!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by katiep I bought these bags on oldnavy.com for my OOT Bags. Thought someone else might be interested! They are only $4.99 so I was very excited!!! I'm still new to this and don't know how to paste a picture so here is the link! Sorry! Women's & Men's Clothes: Plus Size, Maternity, Baby & Kid's Clothing | Old Navy Thanks so much for the tip! I went and checked them out. So cute, that I got them! Would have never found them without you! Thanks, thanks, thanks!! Sherry
  11. Wow, how did it take me so long to find this thread? So happy to see there are so many April 2009 brides out there! I was just starting to wonder if I was on top of things, or if I was a major slacker...turns out I am more towards to slacker end! Or at least that's how I feel. Here is what I have so far: -location booked -airfare/accommodations booked -honeymoon booked (can't wait!!!) -got our wedding bands -dress ordered -purchased groom's suit -bridesmaid dresses ordered -photographer booked -dj booked -STD sent -website up and running Right now I am focusing on: -groomsmen attire -hosting a welcome reception (trying to figure out if we even are, and where??) -flowergirl dress The other day I realized I hadn't done anything wedding related in a few days. I wasn't sure what I could work on, so I decided to make a random list of ALL the things that need to get done before the wedding. Almost had a panic attack... Anyone have any ideas for a place to have a welcome reception? My fiance isn't sure that he wants to spend the $ on one, but I would love to have one. He mentioned that maybe we could just pay for the alcohol and people could pay for their food. But I thought that was pretty tacky...what do you guys think? Would it really be that much more to just buy their food? There would probably be about 45 people (about 35 adults, 10 kids).
  12. Welcome! You'll find lots of info here. Check out Cancun!
  13. I am happy to hear so many great things! We booked him based on all the stellar reviews, so thanks to everyone who posted!
  14. srbina


    Welcome, good luck in your planning!
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