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  1. I am going back and forth with these menu options! Was curious what others are having or served at thier receptions. Any suggestions / feedback would be greatly appreciated! Also curious about the "stations" - if anyone did these did they find it to be a ton of food? Thanks!
  2. I was just there a couple weekends ago and saw a reception on the whale watching terrace, that is where I will be doing my reception as well. The DJ they had, and the DJ I am going through, provided enough lighting in my opinion, especially if you are doing candels on the table. Ask your DJ what kind of lights he provides. Going through the Hilton will cost you your first born child.
  3. My finace and all his guys friends LOVE DelFrisco's steakhouse. I think it's a little off the strip but not far
  4. Hi Puja- you must be the wedding on the beach? How many people do you have coming- do you know yet?
  5. Are any of you gals getting pushback from the Hilton that you cannot bring in 3rd party vendors? Such as DJ, Flowers, Judge, etc.?? Were you told that you have to get all of your services through the Hilton (which charges an arm and a leg). One DJ that I was trying to book told me that The Hilton does not allow third party DJ's to come in. Just wanted to hear your experiences. Thanks!
  6. I did try the search, I found most girls said they had a great trio, but didn't know the name. Thanks!
  7. I am looking for a Mexican Trio to play for my ceremony in Cabo- any recommendations ladies? Thank you!
  8. Hi Brandy- Well, I just checked with my WC, while I was under the impression they were wood they are plastic. . The $4.50 is a better price than mine for wood, however my co didn't charge a delivery charge. My WC is Illeana at Romantic Cabo Weddings. Thier website is romanticcaboweddings.com
  9. I can give you an idea on price. My WC quoted $5.50 for Tiffany chairs, and $2.50 for white wood beach chairs, which are almost as nice except they do not have a seat cushion. This company she quoted does not charge a delivery charge which most do. Unfortuneatly I do not have thier name, but just know you can get them that low. Originally I was quoted $12 per chair with a 20% delivery charge!
  10. Sorry if there are threads on this, did a search and didn't really find anything. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a live band that you can dance to (pop, 80's music) in Cabo?
  11. This thread is great- thank you ladies for posting!
  12. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to use?
  13. I love it when the first and last names rhyme- is that wierd? Anyways, I think it sounds cute & catchy
  14. I am paying $5500 which includes: 4 hours photography time 4 hours video shooting 100 photo album 30 page bound coffee table photo book all images on high res disk, with rights of negatives signed by photographer to me for reprints
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