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  1. OH JOY. Good to know, I hope we can help out, have you already sent us an email? I was speaking w/ my sales manager this morning and we were trying to figure out who you were matching a name to BDWF profile name Cheers . my pleasure. Planning should be fun, along the way there are always bumps on the road, sometimes problems present themselves and lead to creative solutions and then plans come together as if it was always meant to be cheers!
  2. @@Jerrad HI Jerrad, thanks for contacting the studio, I spoke w/ Erika today and seems everything is all firmed up, booked and moving forward We are excited to have you as a client and glad we could work out that yes, we confirm NO Vendor Fee for us, for the meantime. We have worked out many commercial projects and are offering this no vendor fee + incentives for certain qualifying clients. Personal and actually knowing what you are going to get is KEY... Also, we are a boutique studio and only take a limited # of events per photographer per year, this keeps our creative juices flowing.... The Paradisus though, is one of the most EPIC locations to photograph in.... we can make fine art in their BATHROOMS, the decor and design is so well thought out. LOVE that place. Cheers, @@Ao1070 Good luck investigating, please let us know if we can help or if you have any questions BTW, everything we know about Paradisus weddings: http://delsolphotography.com/paradisus-resorts/
  3. ON THE TOPIC of vendor fees for Paradisus (Which for any vendor, is 1000$ USD wowsa). We would like to announce at this time, the 1000 USD Vendor Fee does NOT apply for del Sol Photography when you contact us first, ask about our packages the hotel is providing our clients. It works like a referral relationship. We have been doing some commercial work for the hotel and have negotiated to NOT have a VENDOR FEE. Anyway, I figured this information would be worthwhile to mention. ON top of NO Vendor FEE, we have the chance to offer brides incentives that can not be found on the internet coupling a photographer + the resort booking... check the del Sol Photography + Paradisus Incentives out: http://delsolphotography.com/paradisus-playa-del-carmen/
  4. We are stoked to go to a new country and actually try some of underwater photography in the local areas of the region. We will be shooting a wedding and Trash the dress on Jan 15 and 16.... hopefully staying until February. First, I would love to ask if anyone has ever done anything crazy like take an adventure out of the hotel and explored the local cenotes they have. We have heard of their sinkholes are similar to the ones in Mexico (Yucatan). And, any volunteers to go with us? Looking to possibly spend 2-3 weeks there, exploring and since we speak spanish, we want to be tour guides. Mostly just looking for people to share experiences and knowledge on the subject. Anyone ever visited Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park ?
  5. @@NG1515 OH YEAY. That is good news. Yeah, at first it did sound kind of heavy but happy to hear they tweaked the situation and there was a plan B that works for the group. I shot the first wedding ever at paradisus in that Gazebo. All the venue spots there have their own charm but equally are different. Good to hear things came together in the end... grass is greener
  6. Bummer this happened. Did they tell you which "Smaller venue" it is? The property is actually very beautiful and this may not be the end of all ends if you dont want the stress... It would be helpful to know which location they mentioned to you.
  7. If you are planning a wedding at DRC, this post will likely be one of the most helpful in visual inspiration for seeing all the possible angles and setups of this property. I wanted to take some time to introduce some of our latest "Dreams Riviera Cancun" inspiration images. I'm talking about a resource thousands and thousands of DRC images here. We are constantly asked about venue shots, location setups, lighting setups... what does a wedding look like w/ a few guests, w/ a lot of guests, in the rain, on the beach, etc. Apart from that, DRC offers so many combinations for locations. This post will pair them and if you had any doubts about anything location related, fear no longer Hope this helps, here are a few (there are 50+) Wow images in the BLOG post, and links to 15+ weddings.... Follow this link to see more about the hotel: http://delsolphotography.com/dreams-riviera-cancun/ *no outside vendor fee* at DRC for del Sol Photography (conditions may apply depending on time / availability)
  8. HOla Rizzoroxx... yep, happy to help w/ our 2 cents worth. This is a common question, and since many people ask about churches, we have put together a list. YES, we have many suggestions Actually we prepared a list of hotels / venues with chapels and wrote about them here, all organized w/ photos and links to actual real weddings. Since wedding planning IS VERY VISUAL, and your likely thousands of miles away, hope this helps. http://delsolphotography.com/top-10-cancun-riviera-maya-church-wedding-venues/
  9. Since we are all visual planners, this post WILL give you your 2 cents worth. I thought it would be nice to put together a list of churches but attach it to some photographs and a short story on our interpretation on the subject / location. http://delsolphotography.com/top-10-cancun-riviera-maya-church-wedding-venues/ So you can find out more about epic places to get married like this one: Or have a front row view to an epic ocean paradise... check, we got that too: More to see in our top Cancun and Riviera Maya church wedding venues.
  10. Your welcome There was a team of more than 5 artists who individually worked on each image, not to mention the communications and response time we try to offer, so thank you for your patience in the delivery and for trusting our creative vision senorita. We love your images FUN idea BTW, first look w/out seeing each other and swapping a note... Just to clarify, are you both each other's "My Pookie" or Tricia are you the only my pookie around Haha. Too cute. LOVE this reflection too, wowsa. Cheers and thank you again for the nice words
  11. Hola Tricia !!! Thank you for sharing We love your images, such a beautiful hotel. LOVE this reflection Wowsa.
  12. Hola Tricia Thank you for posting these and for the kind words AND the patience. Post coming soon, we are writing it as we speak and getting ready to deliver.
  13. Hi @@natmorales We've shot some beautiful weddings at the Iberostar Cancun, they do a great job of ensuring that each event is personalized and unique. The beach is out of this world and it has a really great garden area that many resorts do not offer. Here is a taste of some lovely Iberostar Cancun wedding moments, hope it helps!
  14. Hello ladies, Maggie Sottero is definitely one of the most popular designers for our brides at their destination weddings. The gowns seem to be made for beach and tropical weddings! Every bride we meet is unique and has their own personal taste, here are some of the lovely ladies in Maggie Sottero gowns from our recent weddings. Show us your dress, what is your style?
  15. Hi @racht33 There are so many fantastic options for beach weddings in the Riviera Maya, full range of prices, styles and tastes. Here are some suggestions for resorts in the area. Now Resorts weddings are extremely popular, their coordinators are top notch and we have enjoyed many events at both the Now Jade and Now Sapphire, both close to Puerto Morelos. Paradisus Resorts weddings are definitely near the top of our list, stunning venue and great staff, totally chic. Grand Velas resort weddings are super luxurious, love this venue for great architecture, phenomenal beach and delicious food. Dreams Resorts weddings are awesome, they really know how to take care of their brides. The gazebo at Dreams Riviera Cancun is totally unique and the chapel at Dreams Tulum is a great option if you are looking for a religious ceremony. We were excited to get to visit the new Hyatt Playa del Carmen recently while it was under construction, they will be opening soon and it looks like it will be a fab wedding venue right on the beach. The Riu resorts in Playa del Carmen have great wedding options, their coordinators really know their stuff and we love the location. Hope that provides some inspiration, good luck with the hunt for a venue and keep us posted!
  16. The sargasso is a big topic this year, no real explanation as to why it is so heavy. It's not just the Riviera Maya either, apparently a lot of the Caribbean has been affected. While it may not be pretty, it is beneficial to the beaches and ocean, it carries nutrients, seeds, etc that in the long run will make for better beaches. The best part of the sargassum is that it provides protection for sea turtles, the little babies leaving the beach will take cover in the seaweed and be safe from birds and other predators. Here is a good article on sargasso.... http://www.destinationtips.com/destinations/caribbean/what-you-need-to-know-about-sargassum-invading-the-caribbean/ Now, happy photos of weddings at Secrets Maroma!
  17. Hi @@badgerbride ! I think that Yucatan is a fabulous option! I don't know Telchac but have seen a lot of the state. Truly amazing architecture, the people are the friendliest you will meet and the history, culture and nature create a magical setting for weddings. There are a lot of great venues, be sure to check out the ones we posted, Hacienda San Jose is incredible! http://www.thehaciendas.com/ Let us know how we can help, all the best!
  18. We LOVE a Hacienda wedding, soooo romantic! Definitely a great alternative to a beach resort wedding, the haciendas in Yucatan and Campeche are just beautiful. This Yucatan wedding at Hacienda San Jose was super intimate and cozy and we love the vibe of this Campeche Hacienda Uayomon wedding.
  19. Absolutely our pleasure @@pddcmc it was a beautiful day and we cannot wait to show you more!
  20. Hi @@Sheaka ! There are so many things to do in the Riviera Maya, it really all depends on your taste and that of your guests and if you wish to all stick together or just offer your guests a day to explore. Happy to make some recommendations: 1. Day cruise/catamaran - Lots of tour companies offer half day or full day sailing trips, great way to have a private escape with your guests. 2. Trips to archaeological sites - This will likely be an all day adventure, Chichen Itza and Coba for sure, though you can do the Tulum site in a half day. 3. Eco parks like Xcaret offer a taste of Mexico culture, the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya and adventurous activities. 4. Horseback riding on the beach at Blue Venado beach club is a great group activity, they also have ATV tours. 5. Shopping trip to Playa del Carmen! Stroll along the famous 5th Avenue people watching and shopping for souvenirs. Just a few ideas, hope that helps!
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