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  1. I sent a note already to the contact page... just been waiting to hear back from someone. thank you
  2. My now Husband and I already got married . But we are starting to plan our one year anniversary/ my 30th bday celebration in the Dominican Rep.. Our group had such a blast in our group trip to Mexico that they have asked if we wanted to plan a 1 year celebration as a group trip as well. I honestly don't see why NOT!!! lol I wanted to see I anyone has any suggestions on TA's we can contact to get group rates for next Aug. 2017. see if we can get this trip rolling out!!! Thank you !!
  3. Anyone know a website where I can purchase bulk sunglasses in a custom color. My color is mint/seafoam and I cant find any sites that have sunglasses in bulk in that color.
  4. Hello ladies. My wedding is in August and I'm looking for mint/seafoam napkins and chair sashes. If anyone has anything they are willing to sell please let me know. Is possible I need about 55 of both . Thank you
  5. @@JamaicaNicole I honestly never heard of them waiving fees due to occasions But a good idea i just read on with a past bride was taking down all her favors and some decor in boxes. So you only pay the fee once heading to the destination.When your there , toss the boxes and don't have to worry about bringing back suit cases for another fee. hope that may help you a bit.
  6. I actually have been looking into quotes and that is what ive been quoted. :/ When i spoke to my agent he stated there are no stops in front of the hotel.. its like a 5-10 drive off the highway into the resort. no buses there So its why a car is needed.
  7. Hello Brides! Would anyone be able to recommended a taxi company or car service that could pick people up from their resort and bring them to playa del carmen for a day to get out of the resort? Im being told round trips are about 110-195 OUCH! there must be something more affordable out there???!
  8. @@TinkerSofi I LOVED THE DANCE!! and Great song selection!! Loved it . looked like you guys has so much fun with each other! Your pictures are gorg!! For not being touched at all they are amazing!
  9. They actually look great!! Thats why i asked! Im in between getting the fuji camera or maybe just getting a tripod with a camera and playing it from there. I think it could be a fun thing to add into all the thank you cards ( the silly photo booth pics)
  10. @@TinkerSofi for your DIY photobooth did you use the fuji instant cameras? Or was it done on an Ipad photobooth app? I love the props!
  11. @@yycbride2016 wow its 57 an hour for the Dj at your resort???! IM SUPER JEALOUS! To have a Dj at our resort its going to be 350 an HOUR. . When we got that quote and were told we cant bring any outside Dj we just decided to rent the sound system for 180 and will use the Dj app.
  12. @@TinkerSofi everything looked amazing!! Im so happy everything went perfect for you!! guys looked so happy! It really makes all the planning worth while!! I cant wait to see your wedding photos! You looked stunning! They did such an amazing job with your hair and makeup!
  13. OMG Sofia You looked stunning!! The wedding was amazing!! So beautiful! Perfect weather! Perfecting setting! Loved it!! It was such a beautiful ceremony! I was so choked up and teary eyed!!! !Beautiful! I hope the rest of the event went off without a hitch!! Cant wait until you get back from your honeymoon to share with us!!!
  14. HAPPY WEDDING DAY!!! Wishing you such an amazing day !!! Cant wait to hear all about it!!
  15. COngrats!!!!! You looked amazing!! and so happy!! Wishing you a safe trip to mexico!!
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