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  1. Here is our Gallery from December 2015 - some good shots: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/member/281864-ebecks/
  2. Have a look at this thread - it's worth reading through: https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/44634-any-gran-bahia-principe-runaway-bay-brides-out-there/
  3. Here is my gallery from 2015: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/gallery/member/281864-ebecks/
  4. I was there in December 2015 for my wedding and the snack bar was under renovations. I don't think it would look like that anymore. We did our dinner / dance a bit less traditional. And it was perfect. I didn't want to pay a fortune. So we did a basic meal inside a restaurant that was free (for my 43 people) **the 30 people max wasn't there when i was married. After the dinner we went to the gazebo where the ceremony was and it was amazing! They had dancing and it was lite up right beside the beach. Music and drinks were there. You had to pay for a bar but the costs turned ou
  5. Look into getting married at the gazebo - it was gorgeous. I wouldn't have wanted a beach wedding - it was too hot to be in the sun that long without shade and the beach isn't super fine super soft sand, it's kind of rocky. They will upcharge you for everything - try to keep simple for cost savings. A lot of the extras you think you want, won't really be remembered. The sunglasses we ordered through 'shades of fun' - they turned out to be the cheapest for decent quality. We actually wear the sunglasses on a regular basis. We didn't put our names on them so maybe if others wanted t
  6. The gazebo was super windy when I had my wedding at 2pm. I had my hair down but it didn't bother me. The ceremony would have been way to hot without the wind for myself and the guests. The wind also makes your dress flow nicely while you're standing there getting married. I just uploaded pictures a l couple days ago with pics from my wedding. Some were done by the photographer so you can see what they are like - Nick was our photog and was great. I labelled the photog shots. Some answers to questions above. We only were charged taxes on the photographer - all wedding fees
  7. The prices keep changing. So just make sure you keep note of the email they send you and quotes. I confirmed everything right away. Then a month before I was told the prices went up. I told them the prices I was quoted and they gave me those prices. I didn't have to put a deposit down for anything. Ask for Nick and Ornella if you can - they were amazing. Feel free to ask any questions. I was just married there last month.
  8. We were just married at this resort last month and it was amazing. Please feel free to send any direct questions about anything. It was perfect and amazing. I did a lot of planning ahead of time and it was easy to get married. I just showed up.
  9. I just got married there last month. The week was amazing, the wedding was amazing. It was perfect. Feel free to send me a message or ask any specific questions.
  10. Thanks so much for these pictures!! I actually purchased this dress and am so anxious for it to come in. The pictures helped remind me how much I love it. Did you buy this dress? Or find another one?
  11. Anyone looking at or have just purchased a Maggie Sottero dress? I've been looking at the Patience dress but can't find a lot of "real pictures" online. Wondering if any DW brides have worn or plan to wear a Maggie and if they will be light and airy like they feel / look.
  12. I decided to just go with the photographer at the site, their facebook page show some pictures and they've really improved. I don't want to pay the vendor fee and don't want to rely on friends and family photos. I think i'll just do my own hair / makeup. With a few test runs at home to see how best to do it. I'm going away to make this wedding easy and painless, so worrying about the spa and having to spend the money doesn't interest me. I've heard great reviews about the spa, but also negative ones and don't want to take a chance. I've already stressed about the amount of people a
  13. Thanks everyone for all the welcomes, I actually just found the 550 page thread with all brides for GBP Jamaica and was able to happily make all the necessary choices. I noticed a slight decrease in activity recently with 2014 / 2015 brides - hope there are some around to share their experiences and photos.
  14. I'm pretty much planned - few details to go. Thanks to this forum I was able to decide what options were best for me. We are a group of at least 30 - I expect some last minute bookers. I first stressed about a 2pm wedding - but this gives me more time for pictures and potentially to take a rain break if needed before getting sunset pictures. I decided to go with dinner at the Dolce Vita for the "free" private room rather than a long table off to the side in the grill. Mostly I'm excited about the Gazebo we rented for dancing after dinner. We opted for the "Romance extravaga
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