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  1. Claudia Rodriguez Photography- highly recommend her for weddings and family sessions
  2. Ohhh.... please be careful with the spa. They were my bigggest regret....the whole experience was a nightmare. The other bride in there was definately not pleased with her appointments either bc she was yelling at the guy. I made my appointments through email & when we got there I called to verify & they said they didnt have them. It was a whole big to do. Thankfully I had brought my emails. My WC said this was happening a lot the past few months bc there was someone new making the appts. On top of it all. I hated my hair. It wasn't terrible I guess, it just isn't what I wanted & it didnt stand out at all. I am so mad at myself for not hiring outside...and I'm reminded of it everytime I look at a picture.
  3. I just used Alquimia Events for lounge furniture for our wedding 2 weeks ago & I LOVED my expereince with them. They got back to me so quickly & did everything they could to get me exactly what I wanted with very reasonable prices.
  4. Hey girls, here are some of my brother's pictures of the wedding if you want to take a look. http://bethbobbiewedding.shutterfly.com/
  5. Yes you did! I'm a little jealous of you right now bc I wish I could relive that day!!! (other than me replaying it over & over again in my mind)! haha
  6. Hiiii!!! We are home!! ...and still exhausted! I will do a hopefully review at some point this week after we catch up. All in all, our wedding was absolutely amazing...I honestly couldn't have dreamed of anything better. It was defintately the best night of our lives. Quick Mini Review: The "3 C's" were absolutely amazing- Claudia (wedding coordinator) made everything happen & went above & beyond to make us happy. If she is your coordinator, your wedding will be FANTASTIC!! We can't say enough about her. Claudia Rodriguez (photographer) was fantastic & so professional to work with & we can't wait to see her pictures! She had such creative ideas and was soooo nice. Cecilia (from Alquimia Events) was the best vendor to work with. She literally found us anything we asked. We used them for our lounge furniture, centerpieces, and table linens. We emailed back & forth several times a day & she was so nice. It was so refreshing. The only crappy part of our experience was check in- it was literally a nightmare... and the spa. Ladies- get outside people. When I got there, they didnt have my scheduled appointments (which luckily I had brought my original email AND my CONFIRMATION email a few weeks ago). Apparently there is a new guy & this has been happening a lot. Then I had my trial & it literally looked like I got out of the pool bc they sprayed it so much. They use the Mexican equivalant of AquaNet. It was better on the wedding day bc I brought my own spray...but it was amateur. Some of the girls seemed like they were good, but that's a bit risky. I will do more in the review forum when I have time!
  7. Besides the waiters that work at the reception, who do we have to tip when we are down there We leave in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by nmurch Does Anyone know anything about makeup/hair & how bringing an outside person would work, and how much it costs to bring them in?? THANKS! nic Hair is $77 and makeup is $60. My girls and I are all getting our hair & makeup done at the spa, so I'll post pictures when we get back.
  9. Hey girls, I'm still a bit lost with my flowers & my wedding is in 9 days! So I wanted something really tropical for the bridesmaids & found a bouquet of ginger & bird of paradise that I love.....but it's really too much for my dress. So I was thinking of doing all white orchids for myself. ....but then there is no consistency between my flowers & the girls Are you allowed to do this Then what will the boutonnieres be?? Originally they were going to be bird of paradise. Now everyone will flow together but me. Are you allowed to do this?? Any ideas on how to tie us all together??
  10. If they allow outside DJs, you can. I am using Ivan from Doremixx and he is bringing a light up dance floor with him.
  11. I can't wait!! Our wedding is in 9 days & we will be using Ivan! I will let you all know how it goes!!!
  12. Hey Ladies, I just wanted to share my experience so far with Alquimia Events. We were looking around for quite a while for a vendor to help with lounge furniture & lighting & finally came across Cecilia from Alquimia Events. She has been nothing short of wonderful. She listens to what I say about what I envision and does everything she can to work with me. She emails back and forth several times a day at times and even sends me pictures. I even expressed in an email that I'd like to talk on the phone & she literally called me within 15 minutes. Cecilia & Alquimia Events have been nothing but professional so far with reasonable prices. Now we are even getting our centerpieces with the florist they work with. My wedding is in 9 days, so I will write a review when I get home to let you know how everything goes. I just thought I'd share because this experience so far has definately taken some of the stress away!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by sfrench0621 Here's a picture of our cake- we only requested a 1 tier (included in the Strawberry passion package) but somehow they brought out a 2 tier free of charge. We were the only ones who even ate a piece. We didn't really care for the vanilla and wish we would have picked another flavor. I think they use the same flowers that were in the bouquet. Thank you! I wonder if they can do square cakes??
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by artistique Here are a couple of shots of Roxy and John's cake. Not super fancy but SO delicious! Michelle Thanks for the pictures Michelle!
  15. Hey girls- how were the wedding cakes?? I already had a tasting when we were down there & showed Claudia a picture of what I wanted & she said it was no problem.....but I never actually saw one of their cakes (we just had small ones). Are they decorated nicely? ...or should I stick to a simple design?
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