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  1. @dyerseve Thank you for posting your review and congratulations! I am also considering this resort for my dest wedding. Your budget, did that include everything (accomodation at the hotel as well)?
  2. Hey there! I really want to do a destination wedding but my folks are insisting that I should have a catholic wedding ceremony. Based on my research, I have found Gran Caribe Real as one of my options. I've looked into Xcaret weddings as well. I've contacted TAs already just waiting on their response. Anybody have any suggestions on other places that offer catholic ceremonies or have experienced weddings at GCR? Please let me know, a brief review of the resorts such as their food and services would be great! Thanks so much!
  3. Just got engaged and our wedding will not be set until 2016. Looking for a catholic wedding ceremony in cancun, so far I have my eyes on the Gran Real Caribe. Anyone here had their wedding or booked their wedding there as well? I am new to this destination wedding and the first of my family to be doing this. I know I still have a lot of time but I know how time flies and I just want this planning to be as organized as possible. Any of you guys who had or will have destination wedding at the same resort or some place else can give me a head start on this, that would be great! =) (STD, photographers, florist, makeup,wedding packages, bookings etc.) thanks!
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