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  1. @@MichelleL Congrats on your up coming Destination Wedding. Are you working with a Travel agent? as they can help make this process supper easy for you. I love that you already have 2 major things decided on which is budget and a type of resort. Now the next step get a TA involved. Because just with this information the can get you a great deal of options to choose from. Have you looked at the secret maroma beach in the Riviera Maya? Le blanc in Cancun. Paradisus la Perla in the riviera maya . Keep us posted on what you end up deciding on. Happy Planning!
  2. @@Hmariscal Congrats on choosing your wedding at Barcelo. I am fortunate enough to have planned weddings at this beautiful resort. We had planned for the grill with one of our weddings this past June. which we ended up moving to the bouquet room. June was humid. and we felt it would have been too uncomfortable for guests. With the mint breeze you get basic set up. but you can add extra decor or bring your own and they can set it up for you. Happy Planning!
  3. @@mrsjohnson2017 A lot of our African brides have worked with Styling trio. The best thing is to requests from them pictures of their work they have done on african american brides. A little tip, I am assuming you have your weave already ready to be styles. and some pictures on what you have envisioned. Happy Planning!
  4. @@AliciaW in April we change to summer time. I always recommend the following: for summer time ceremony is at 6pm, reason being at that time the sun is still quite high. And you have plenty of time to have your sunset pictures. If you are having a symbolic ceremony times will be: 6pm to 6:30 for the ceremony 6:30pm to 7:30pm cocktail hour (this is also the time to get the family and group pictures) reception to follow afterwards Make sure you communicate with your photographer on the timeline, so you are both on the same page. Happy Planning
  5. I love Greece, would love to renew my vows in Santorini Greece some day. searching using any words that comes to mind, is a great start. or go straight to a travel agent, they can sure help you narrow it down.
  6. @@norwaybride, I would say putting words like weddings abroad guide, pretty much shows a lot of locations in Europe. Time doesnt matter how long it takes to search. The thing is once you see pictures of something that jamz with your style , you wont hesitate to book it . Little tip. the best place to start is to decide on your vision and budget , number of guests. and an to choose a destination that jams with you personality and your fiances. Ask yourself what is important and what isn't. Are you planning on working with a Travel agent? happy Planning Joyce
  7. @@kcole123 I would definitely make sure the know about your frustration, so their next client doesnt experience this. Once you have your photo please do come back and share with us.
  8. @@Mymy30 have you thought about working with a TA, they can help you narrow down your options. Happy Planning
  9. @@Shaquana325 Congrats on your engagement and for choosing your destination for your wedding. please see my tips/responds below in bold 1. Which resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica best fits the needs of both adults and children or any resort in Jamaica? I like the tips from @@tiffanyt , again a TA will help you narrow this part 2. What's in the fine print that no one tells you until you see the bill at the end of it all? I dont believe there are fine print. what is important is to find out what is included in the package you pay for and what will be extras. keep in mind of all tax and service as if those are included in the price you see or additional. its up to you if you decide to add extra decor or DIY. 3. What are the little extras we should bring? Such as flowers, decorations, lanterns or any DIY's? if you are a crafty person then you will enjoy DIY project but if not just purchase what you find inexpensive and the rest source with the resort. 4. Has anyone ever used a travel agency for their guest? if so was it worth it and which agency? I can never stress this enough you will thank yourself later for using a TA , why they handle everything for you and your guests only thing you need to worry about is the wedding planning part. many brides have recommended the TA they have used. FYI the owners of the page are travel agent. 5. Any extra add ons that you paid for at the resort was it worth it? and if so what were they? i believe in outsourcing your photographer is worth it, weather you need to pay for vendor fee or not. because you are able to choose a photographer that jams with your style. Also, any other tips would be greatly appreciated. We are fairly new and clueless when it comes to planning so any and all information would help. the best place to start is to decide on your vision and budget , number of guests. and an to choose a resort that jams with you personality and your fiances. Ask yourself what is important and what isn't. work with a TA you will thank yourself later, if you are a type A person , get planner on board. I have not contacted a resort yet, but plan on it this week to see who offers the best wedding package deal. Happy planning Joyce
  10. @@SASSYGIRL welcome back and congrats on your year anniversary You are right it is a safe place to communicate and share tips and tricks when planning your destination wedding. Enjoy planning for your anniversary and cant wait to hear how it all turns out. Happy Planning! Joyce
  11. @@hopechest we do agree with @@DreamArtPhotography those are some great restuarant to look into, In addition check this rooftop http://www.thepalmatplaya.com/weddings-events/default-en.html its right in the center of playa del carmen. they do quite a lot of rehearsal dinners or cocktails. Happy Planning! Joyce
  12. @@Hola20162 sorry to hear about your challenges, both site that the girls mentioned are supper easy to use. here is the the 3rd one http://www.appycouple.com/ https://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-websites.html Happy planning!
  13. @@joann1 So many aspects goes in your statement. here is the first point to help you get started ,especially if you are in the early stage. Look for a good travel agent is your first place to start. If you have to "interview" more than one, then do that. You need to be completely comfortable with your TA. Do you know if you need a family friendly resort or adults only? Do you have a budget? Do you have an approximate price point for your guests? Do you know what time of year you want? A travel agent will guide you through all of these things then work with you to put together options that will fit with what you have in mind - From there you will begin to put small details together with the resort but the bulk of finalizing your details won't happen until about 3 months before your wedding. Happy Planning! Joyce
  14. @@jhap123 this is very normal. Happy Planning
  15. @@bmillerick Im not sure if your TA has any of these suggested to you. they are all adults only 1. Paradisus La perla playa del carmen. 2. Breathless resort 3.Sandos playacar 4. Secrets maroma beach Happy Planning.
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