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  1. Thank you!! I am thinking it will end up being a max of $2,500 for my guests... obviously getting it cheaper for them would be better.
  2. My fiancé and I have decided on a destination wedding and we are so excited!!! We have been looking into various places (Punta Cana, Cancun, Costa Rica,etc.) and we really want to have everything at an adult-only all inclusive resort. Where I am having trouble is finding a place that is really nice, but also not outrageous pricing for my guests. We plan to have between 25-35 guests. All of that being said, does anyone know of great places we could go that are really nice but not to overpriced? And do most places give an overall discount for rooms when there are a lot of guests?
  3. Your wedding sounds amazing! I have been looking into this resort for mine as well. We have about 25-35 people wanting to go, but I do not want them not to come if they think it is too expensive. Do you mind tell me how much your guests had to pay?
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