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  1. Hello Everyone! I am newly engaged and my fiancé and I are 100% sure we want to have a destination wedding simply because between the two of us, we have way too many family and friends and wouldn't be able to afford it in the states. We've visited a few resorts such as Rivera Maya Mexico, Secret St. James in Montego Bay Jamaica and recently, Dreams in Bahamas. We absolutely fell in love with Jamaica and would love for our wedding to be there BUT the resort we stayed on was ADULTS ONLY resort. Our wedding party will definitely contain children being as though we have a 9 year old son. So I have quite a few questions for those who have already experienced the beginning stages: 1. Which resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica best fits the needs of both adults and children or any resort in Jamaica? 2. What's in the fine print that no one tells you until you see the bill at the end of it all? 3. What are the little extras we should bring? Such as flowers, decorations, lanterns or any DIY's? 4. Has anyone ever used a travel agency for their guest? if so was it worth it and which agency? 5. Any extra add ons that you paid for at the resort was it worth it? and if so what were they? Also, any other tips would be greatly appreciated. We are fairly new and clueless when it comes to planning so any and all information would help. I have not contacted a resort yet, but plan on it this week to see who offers the best wedding package deal. Thanks so much!
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