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    See profile for Hola 2016. After attempting to contact this site for 2 months with zero response to reset my password I had to recreate a completely new account...so not a happy camper with the service. Hopefully I have better luck with the Forum
  1. Hello KBReis I have been in your shoes. Our first trip together was DR. Our most memorable vacation was Mexican in MR. We have been to just about everywhere together, Bahamas, Barbados, Turks and Caicos, Curacao, Costa Rica, Brazil, Jamaica and Cuba. We liked aspects of each and there is no country we did not like. I think it all depends on what you like and what your guests will be willing to spend and if you want children at your wedding. We have travelled all over, off the beaten track, in all inclusive, in a treehouse in the rainforest, rented houses in foreign countries
  2. Every time I go on vacation, I prefer an early flight this way you get to the tropical country by noon, check in, unpack and can enjoy the day. This however, also means you leave early on your departure date but you get home in time to unpack, laundry rested for work. Unfortunately for my wedding, I chose the most economical airline and as a result, the flight times leaving Toronto are 6 p.m. which means the guests arrive late. As this will be the first wedding for both of us and we only want to do this once:) we are having a legal wedding and we have to be in the country several busi
  3. I have been to two wedding dress stores but have not found "my dress" wondering where people have bought dresses and have been happy with store/alterations. I went to David's bad experience as they did not know what A line was. Sash and Bustle were nice and helpful but not a lot of selection. As for bridesmaids any idea where to go in Toronto? Did you buy your bridesmaids dresses or did they pay for them? As they are paying to come to the wedding worried about do you ask them to pay for dress to or not or pay half? Any reasonably priced places for bridesmaids one would recommend?
  4. I am looking for a bunch of items, like the following: sanddollars chair ties/sashes aisle runner for the beach battery operated candles hourglass for sand ceremony starfish fans mini beach balls flipflops for guests other misc. items Not sure where to go Michael's Costco, Dollar store? Any other ideas? I want to stick to Canada vs ordering online and paying duty free, taxes, shipping etc. Thank you
  5. I hear you about the stress. I was hospitalized for MS and paying for my partner's post graduate studies and many medical exams and we decided to post pone the wedding for a year until he was licensed my health was stable. So here we are or translation I am in full planning mode. I try to get his input but he says you pick I am fine with whatever you want. I was in the same boat as you in June 2016, I narrowed the country but no clue on the resort. As I had a toxic job at the time (love my new job) I needed a break so I took time by myself flew down and saw 12 resorts in 9 days, 4 hours
  6. I am getting married in November -destination wedding. So far the resort, entertainment, DJ, Videographer, Photographer, Travel agent, notary, wedding coordinator, exact ceremony location and dinner is booked. The invitations have gone out, guests have till February to RSVP. Only major thing left is the dress....not too important:) It is not as fun as the Say Yes to The Dress TV show makes it appear to be. I have not found my dress but only been to two stores. They say when you know you know but running out of time as they say it takes 8 months to order and alter. I am still no
  7. I am looking to buy new in Canada as I do not want to pay US Shipping, Handling, Duty Free. Not sure where to buy in Toronto area if anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Thank you
  8. Videographer, photographer, entertainment, resort, notary, wedding coordinator and travel agent booked. Now having major issues on relaying the info to my guests need a reliable FREE website. @mention how did you do your website, what company did you go with and how much did it cost? We attempt to use WIX spent 2 months entering info, uploading pic and lost everything....someone then suggested Wordpress and did not have much luck either....so need help since everything is confirmed we just need to relay info to guests somehow.
  9. I have horrible luck with everything so far. Starting out with finding a Wedding Destination Specialist, they all were horrible so now I am using the Flight Centre and my agent is not a Wedding Destination Specialist. So I went on this Forum 4 months ago under the name Hola 2016 but when i had issues one day logging in, I tried to reset my password it would not take so I contacted the site 1/2 dozen times with zero response. So I am two for two. Someone on this site recommended WIX for my wedding website...for 2 months I spent editing, after work, weekends, uploading pictures, doing
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