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  1. @@kateleigh Yes to both. One (of the many) reasons we chose CR was because of the lack of red tape to get married. Nothing had to be translated. We didn't have to be in the country for a certain amount of days to establish "residency." Ceremony could be in english and was super customizable (we chose not to do our own vows). We just needed to have an Costa Rican attorney perform it, and he was seriously the best. He took care of EVERYTHING. The only thing we had to do was fill out a very basic form with our information and email a copy of our passports. We chose to have our friends be our witnesses (they can also provide at no extra fee), and we had to send them our friends passports as well. But that was it. It was actually easier for us to get married in CR than it would have been at home for us. As far as CR in general, it's a gorgeous country, the people are fantastic, just a really amazing place to go.
  2. So I've actually done it on my underarms, my legs, my forearms and some brazilian. I've been to a load of different places, and while they were all NYC bases, I have learned a LOT. I can try and answer any questions you might have to the best of my knowledge and experience. I'm familiar with the LightSheer Duet. Do you know if it's an alexandrite or soprano machine? Alexandrites Have more of a laser pointer like laser, they feel like a rubber band. Sopranos are supposed to be less painless and have more of a ultrasound like laser. I'm personally not a fan of Sopranos at all. In my opinion, they don't work in the long run. As far as how many sessions, it depends on the thickness of your hair, your hormones/growth patterns and where it is. For instance, my lower legs took six sessions, I probably only needed five, and my legs have been hair free for about 5 years. My underarms though, took more sessions than I care to remember, and three different laser places. Part of it was because of the above mentioned soprano laser. You bikini, you underarms and your face have similar growth patterns, and have to do with hormones, where as your legs and arms also similar growth patterns. Which brings me to my next point, laser hair removal is not 100%. If you want it 100% gone, try electrolysis (which also also for blonde, red and white airs, or darker skin tones). The reason for this laser kills the follicles, but you can still have dormant hairs that could pop up when you hormones change, like with pregnancy or menopause. It will be drastically reduced, but hairs could pop up in those areas in the future. As far as darker skin, or blonde, red hairs and white hairs, the laser reflects and can't pick it up. It's also why you can't be tan. Also, when they say, stay out of the sun after your appointment, they really mean it. I don't usually burn, and especially not on my forearms and I ended up getting SUPER burnt. Slather that sun screen on. Anyway, hope I was helpful!
  3. @@kateleigh I think you misunderstand, I'm aware of why people do it, I just don't agree with it. I looked into mexico before I got married, and yes, there was a lot of red tape, so that was one of the many reasons we didn't get married there. To each his own.
  4. What I ended up putting in my bag: - Canvas bag - Tumblers - Advil packets - Rolaids - this was well used and much appreciated - Bug wipes - (Not well used, but would still put them in) - johnson & johnson First Aid box - people ended up using the box portion as a case for their room keys/money for tips/random objects. - Aloe - Funny enough, I was the one who needed it. - waterproof Phone cases - - Turkish towels - (I had been on the fence about this, but everyone used them and loved them) - Beach balls, but I wish I had actually done inflatable doodles instead, these - https://www.amazon.com/Swimline-Doodles-Inflatable-Noodle-Float/dp/B0037TSTUO - altoids - Tide wipes I had ordered playing cards, but due to a snow storm, they never arrived. I wish I had put in chapsticks, but mostly because I forgot my chapstick at home.
  5. @@harleyeverafter I bought these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NBQVX45/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1and they were a huge hit!
  6. @@AshleyPelton Hey Ashley! Welcome! Planning, especially from long distance can be super stressful and confusing, but there's plenty of ladies here who will be more than willing to answer any of your questions or concerns!
  7. Kind of miss the planning process! Let's hear your deets!
  8. Just got back from our wedding in CR! I can't tell you how amazing everyone and everything at the Westin was. Heidy is amazing! Everything was perfect for our special day! Could not have asked for a better day! I'm usually a planner and I was advised to just relax and let Heidy (the wedding planner at the Westin) do her job and take care of things. She could not have done a better job. Everything was beautiful and amazing and even a snow storm in NY that threatened to derail things could do anything to ruin it. If anyone is planning to do a destination wedding in CR, the westin is definitely the place to go.
  9. @@earanias We actually choose CR because it's SUPER easy to get married there. It's pretty much one of the main reasons. No translation of documents needed, no red tape, and the marriage certificate is accepted pretty much every country. We needed to send a copy of our passports to our attorney and fill out a one page form. Our witnesses needed to send copies of their passports too. We are having a non denominational ceremony, so we only need a Costa Rican attorney, and our venue got us in touch with one. However, as CR is pretty much a catholic country (as I learned during easter), IF you decide to get married in CR, I don't see you having many issues. You would probably just have to contact a church there, maybe have your priest get in contact with the priest at that church to make sure you're attending pre cana and any other requirements.
  10. @@natalie009 I'm doing my own RSVP, however, I'm in close connect with my TA who's been informing me whenever someone books. I just feel it works better for me that way. I feel more on top of it, or, if they forget to send back the RSVP, I already know.
  11. @@bmillerick congrats! It sounds like you are on the right path if you have a budget set! Now you need a guest list! I would figure out how many people you want/can afford. Ie: we can afford to have 100 people. I invited about 100, and I'm personally hoping for 20-25 of that, if that gives you an idea. To me, it seems DW are a little more flexible to invite people. I don't think you'll have an issue with a resort being able to do a DW, most resorts and hotels are able to do it. It's more a matter of, what's important to you to have or not have at the location. For me, not a beach wedding was important. Being at an all inclusive was also important. Being able to leave the resort was also important (ie: safe outside the resort). What's important to you?
  12. @@Kcespedes Hi! Welcome and congrats! The first thing I would suggest is a budget and a guest list! After deciding on a budget and guest list, deciding on location, I contacted the hotel directly and got in contact with the wedding coordinator. Fi and I had already decided on a date, so after locking down our date/deposit, I got my travel agent, and she the one to negotiate my room block.
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