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Anyone bought WeddingGo?

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Has anyone bought their dress from WeddingGo? Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses for your wedding day!

They seem to have a good selection of dresses with unbelievably low prices. Is this too good to be true?

I can't tell if they are knock offs or the real thing, which I wouldn't be opposed to, as long as they looked good.

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Have you been anywhere in Columbus to try on dresses yet?


I went to a ton of places and ended up at the first place I had been to, Girls in White Dresses, they are a small boutique downtown in the Arena district.


Wendy's Bridal in Dublin had a dress I really liked from their private collection that was in the $400 price range. They have a lot to choose from. If you have not been there yet it's worth checking out.


I was so surprised the sizes are a lot larger than I am normally, so I would have a hard time buying a wedding dress online. That's just me though, I know several ladies on here have bought beautiful dresses online.

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I have not gone anywhere yet. I am procrastinating, big time. I really like the Watters and Watters bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses and this place carries the styles. I am planning on going to Alan Ray bridal in Columbus to try them on first and then seeing what kind of pricing they have there, then deciding if it is a better option to order online or not.

This is the dress I'm really interested in right now and at this website, it is within my dress budget, but at a place like House of Brides it is about $700-800, that is way over what I want to spend, I'm guessing it will be higher than that at a bridal salon.

Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses for your wedding day! - Watters 0029 style New Formal Bridal Wedding Dresses Wedding Gowns

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I totally think they are knock offs. notice how they say "watters and watters style" plus it says their dresses are custom made. but hey can't beat that price, if ya like it who cares! I would do it if i knew they are reliable. try and find someone who has used them, that is my suggestion.

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