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  1. so ladies, this is it, I leave bright and early tomorrow morning. wish me good luck, the weather forecast is thundershowers all week, so cross you fingers it is clear and beautiful at 3pm on the 29th! any thing anyone wants me to keep an eye out for?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ethrondson Booking through AirTransat we get one carry-on (11lbs max), my dress is separate but free, diaper bag is free, and you can have a purse and laptop which are free as well. Then for checked baggage, you can also take a bag of sporting goods that doesn't get weighed and is free. In the end we booked with AirTransat, which I was very happy with! I am flying with air transat, so you think the dress and a purse will be ok? and for checked baggage, do you think snorkel gear will count as sporting goods? b/c we are bringing that too!
  3. i am also getting married at the barcelo (in a few days!), then we head over to the El dorado seaside suite for our HM! It will be a nice change because the barcelo is so massive and the EDSS is so small and romantic!
  4. my airline strongly enforced ONE carry on, so am i hooped in the sense my one is my wedding dress? or do ya figure i can get away with a purse too?
  5. I am leaving this weekend for my wedding, and i am staying at the same resort those people got their throats slit. I'm not worried, infact, it's probley safer there now and has more security.
  6. shoppers has great deals now! yesterday i picked up the bug spray and chap stick that was 2 for $1.99 al little while ago i also found sunscreen orig. $10.99 on for $2.99!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa wow! those are awesome - are you having a book made? your FI is going to flip Yeah ! Cora is going to make up a book of about 30 pictures, and then I get like 100-200 on cd!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by LMP333 Beautiful pictures!! Cora is an awesome photographer! I agree with Mo....you should model! Ha! I wish ! I'm only 5'3 so that would never happen!
  9. thanks guys!!! I am so excited I want to show him now!!! For the ladies who have given BD photos as a gift to your FI, when did you give it? on your wedding day? before the ceremony?
  10. So I had my BD session with Cora yesterday and I cannot say how amazing she is! She made me feel comfortable right away and is so friendly and has am amazing eye for photography! I am so glad that I did this session with her! I was having trouble getting the pics on photobucket and if I save them on to the computer Dan is sure to find them so I will just put the link to Cora's blog up. scroll to May 10th on the blog. cora's photography blog - Vox
  11. I wore black leggings and a sparkly white tank top with heels, everyone teased me and said I looked like peggy bundy. I thought I looked cute though!
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