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Jamaica Bound!


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Hi all! I'm so excited to find this site.


My name is Toni. I'm from outside Philadelphia. My boyfriend (yes, boyfriend, no ring yet!!) are planning a DW in Jamaica. I know that this is a pretty unconventional way to plan a wedding (plan first, ring later), but I'm an event planner by heart so we both agreed that this is pretty typical for us to do it this way.


Anyway, we just got back a couple weeks ago from an information gathering/mini vacation to Jamaica and it absolutely 100% confirmed that it is definitely the location for our Dec 08 wedding. We loved the people, the music and the whole vibe of Jamaica. The only problem is, we didn't find the EXACT location that we definitely want to be married and/or have all of our guests stay. We looked at 4 resorts in Negril and 1 in Rose Hall. We fell in love with the beaches of Negril but weren't blown away by any of the resorts. We loved the hotel in Rose Hall but didn't like the beach!! Decisions decisions...


So we are stuck. We are thinking of 2 scenarios:

-Have the wedding at the Rose Hall Resort (if affordable) or somewhere similar and have everyone come into Rose Hall then my fiance and I will head up to Negril after the wedding and invite whoever wants to come to Negril for a couple days to party and relax (we think it'll be mostly just friends). Or even tell people they can come just for the Negril portion of the trip after the wedding.


-Stay at the Riu Negril (our favorite out of the 4 we saw), go offsite for the rehearsal dinner (we loved Kuyaba!!), go offsite for the wedding (we want a beach reggae party and they won't do that at the Riu), and just have everyone just stay at the Riu and shuttle them over to our events...


We want an all inclusive that allows kids and is big enough so the divorced parents won't have to run into each other every five seconds.


Sorry this is so long, but I am in some major need of some advice...Thanks so much for reading my crazy introduction!!!


Toni (PhillyGal)

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Did you check out Beaches Negril ? It may be just what you are looking for and I am pretty sure that they would allow a reggae beach party!


The beach is huge and they have a large thatched roof gazebo at one end of the beach for receptions. The property is large enough that it would be easy enough for divorcee's not to bump into each other. Beaches Negril also has a waterpark to keep little ones occupied!


I spoke at length with the wedding coordinator last week when I was in Negril and she is very enthusiastic and you can tell she just loves what she does! She showed me photo's of the weddings that she's done recently and they were great- I was really impressed with the photographers work also- more so than with what I saw at Riu Tropical. I need to email her today as she was going to send me photo's of the locations all set up.


If you'd like my assistance feel free to pm me! Or if you have any questions just post them here!


TA Jennifer

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Hi Toni! Welcome & Congrats from another Philly Girl :)


there are SO many Jamaica brides on here - browse through the Jamaica sub sections and use the Search button (3rd from the right on the top bar) and you will find so much info about a lot of those places.


Good Luck with your planning. And PS - there are a bunch of brides on here who started planning before they had the ring :)

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welcome3.gif to the forum Toni!


There are quite a few girls on the form that planned or is planning their wedding in the 'non-convential' way. So don't be down on yourself about that, bc there's nothing wrong with doing things a little different. Hey, even having a DW is considered 'non-convential' to most people. lol


I'm not sure what your budget is, but something you might consider, transferring your guests back and forth a few times may add up.


If you really like the Riu chain, I think there is a new one opening up in MoBay in the late summer of 2008. Anyhow, we have plenty of Jamaica brides (mostly Riu Ocho Rios) on the forum, I'm sure they will be willing to chime in.


FYI: You will be addicted to this forum! smile43.gif (dont say I didnt warn you,lol) You'll love it here!


Congrats & Happy Planning cheer2.gif

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Welcome to the forum Toni. We have lots of girls who come on here and plan their weddings before they get their rings, so no worries there. Actually we were planning our wedding before we were officially engaged, I think its common for a DW because as soon as you decide you want one us women have to look into it as much as possible and voila we find this forum.


Happy planning.

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