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ok girls we are sending out the std in about 2 weeks we have just one page for the boarding pass save the dates we wanted that simple but we paid for a wedding website which a lot of our family and friends are using but donnie said most of his family may not use the computer...so we need a detail page so thats fiine we can do one ourselves what info did you do or what info do we needhuh.gif? thanks girls


so far we thought of

dreams info

travel agent info (tammy)

passport info



do we need to right the price of rooms ,dates to book by or prelimary rsvp....

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Hi Erica,


i didn't put a detail page when i sent out my STDs. I'm including it in my invitation. SO funny, some of our family members are computer challenged too (HAHAHAHA). It's kinda annoying b/c we worked so hard on that darn website that it's a shame if people don't read through it, and keep on asking us questions that are clearly answered there. Anyways, here is what we are going to put:


Event Details

For detailed event information, visit

John and Leia - wedding website by mywedding.com


Travel Information

To book hotel and airport transfer reservations, please contact

Tammy Wright – tammy@wrighttravelagency.com


Ask for the ... wedding room block


Airline group discount code coming soon!


Please book your room no later than March 1, 2008


BTW, i'v decided to use prim and pixie b/c of how cute your STDs turned out!

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thanks girls.... i think im good i think if i just put a few details i should be fine.....thank you...Girls..... im sure you have noticed in the last7 months of me on here i am a horrible writer hahhahahahah......i communicate so much better face to face.....oh spell so bad too lol lol bump.gifdont mind me lol....

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girls should i do a prelimanary rsvp info on my std huh.gif example... i was going to write on the save the date detail page something about prelimanary rsvp do i need to give them a date or just send them to our websitehuh.gif? thanks girls....

also do i write on the detail page when they need to book there deposit by or again can i use my website for all this

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I would say any prelim RSVP info you get will be tough to rely on this far out. However, I do think it's a great idea to let people know that they need to book by xxx date & give them all the vital info they need to accomplish that - esp since you said some of your guests aren't big on the internet

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