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How many different food choices should be in a buffet??

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The FA buffet options are pricey and they have ALOT of food!!! So I am cutting a bunch of stuff out and making it cheaper! Do you guys think this is enough food or should I add more?


Buffet Menu



Salad Greens w/ Roquefort cheese & pecan and fruit oil vinegarette

Fruit Salad


~Side Dishes~

Cajun-style roasted potatoes

Chili Beans

Wild Rice w/ Cilantro

Seasonal Vegetables


~Carving Station~

Mesquite-grilled Prime Rib with Tequilla and Herb sauce


~Main Dishes~

Chicken in Chipotle Chili and Apricot Sauce

Garlic Roasted Jumbo Shrimp

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Okay good...I am just always concerned that there won't be enough to fill people up!! But the way I see it, it's a bigger selection than a plated meal! Plus I might add some pasta too it too...not sure yet.

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Michelle - that is plenty! i went to a wedding there last year and the menu was very similar - almost identical - they did add the pasta and they also had the fajita station but they didn't really need that much.

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