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My DIY Survival Kit Label for OOT Bag with Pics and List of Items with Price Breakdown

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I love you survival kits, they are great! Wanted to see if you would mind emailing me the label design you used, I think it is really cute and have been having a hard time designing one.  I am getting married in DR in September and would love to edit yours if you dont mind!! My email address is Dani120298@aol.com.  Thank so much.



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Originally Posted by MK0386 View Post

thank you very much! I designed them using a program online: pcikmonkey.com. Then I saved the "picture" that I designed and inserted it into a Word document and printed them at home on my printer. :) Hope this helps! If you have never used picmonkey.com... you have to try it out... it's awesome!!


love these- going to recreate something similar!~

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