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  1. Silk flowers/fake are fine. Real flowers are not ok to take into mexico. Make sure you keep the receipt for the bouquet ( and anything you travel with for the wedding) keep in an envelope in your carry on incase you get stopped at customs.
  2. @CurlyKristen- The florist info is in my write- up but I used Riviera maya florist for all of my centerpieces and then I just used the flowers from the resort that were included in the divine package ( 1 centerpiece , my bouquet and the corasages/boutineres) the flowers from resort were beautiful but to buy more centerpieces from there was SO MUCH more expensive than going outside the resort. I've attached a pic of the centerpieces that the outside florist did for me ( she provided the centerpiece, lantern and wooden board ) it was exactly what I told her I wanted and the price was $65 for eve
  3. I have a brand new roll of fuschia organza fabric that I ordered and never used for the wedding. It's a HUGE Roll of fabric ( I can get the measurements) that you can use to decorate the gazebo, tie around the cocktail hour high top tables,etc. I was going to use for chair sashes and cut the pieces myself but then realized I can just order organza chair sashes already cut so I never used. If anyone is interested I'll sell for $15 + shipping ( I paid $30 for the fabric online) Email me at Vanessa.vlahakis@@gmail.com if you want photos or have questions.
  4. @@xtina6210 - I just sent the review over to your email address. Do you have the 2014 wedding pdf with all the basic costs in it? that's at least a good start. I sent some additional details but I would review that PDF in detail also to start to really understand what the costs will be.
  5. @@KathyandEthan I used a travel company that booked a group rate for me which locked up the rooms so that they wouldn't sell out. I booked my wedding with only 6 months and booked 50 rooms so I'm thinking maybe another big wedding booked up some rooms? You should ask how many rooms they have left for your guests,etc.
  6. I just got married in June. I went tanning at a tanning salon 4 times ( 7 minute stand up bed) to get a base tan. My dress was a very low U shaped back. I was so worried I would get horrible lines the week leading up to the wedding BUT I didn't get any tan lines. I wore 70spf the entire time and kept re-applying and I just made it a point not to "Lay out" in the sun without my cover up on,etc. It really ended up just fine since I got the base tan at tanning salon BEFORE coming to Mexico. I don't go tanning normally but it was worth it leading up to the wedding.
  7. @@britt1125 - I sent over an email to you earlier this afternoon. Let me know if you did not receive! Enjoy!
  8. We did an OOT bag and NO Favor BUT the OOT bags were expensive. I put a lot of things in there for the guests to use so I think I felt OK not giving a favor. We also had a cigar bar at the welcome BBQ so the guys took those/smoked those as their favors I gave all the women beach sarongs in their OOT which they wore around the resort so again I felt like I gave enough to show my thanks for them coming/traveling to mexico.
  9. @ you will have to ask your resort what size the tables are before you buy the table cloths just to make sure as the resorts usually have two size round and 1 rectangle table. You should DEF buy them beforehand. I ordered mine on www.tableclothsfactory.com the prices are great and the quality was amazing. Another site is www.tablelinendirect.com similar site to the one I ordered from. My chair sashes were only $.29 each ( they charge you up to $5 per sash at the resorts) I paid $2.50 for a pack of 5 linen napkins and then for the table cloths I can't remember the price but they were ALOT chea
  10. I paid the $4/bag to have the delivered to each room. I thought since people were spending all this money and time to come the least I could do was have the bag waiting for them. Our welcome BBQ was on Friday PM and most guests arrived Wed so I didn't want to wait to give them to welcome bag since most were leaving sunday AM. I wanted them to use everything I put in the bag and it was so fun to see everyone walking around the resort using all the stuff ( including the bags) It was worth the $$ to have them waiting for them or to have them handed out when the check-in. I think it went a long wa
  11. I am selling my Wally 66' Garment Bag that I bought to transport my dress from NY to Mexico for my wedding. This bag has only been used once and is in excellent condition. My dress arrived in mexico without a wrinkle-- in fact I didn't even have my dress steamed before the wedding because it stayed perfectly in this bag. If you search online for this bag you will find it between $125-$140. I bought it for $125 on amazon.com I am only asking $75 plus shipping for the bag. Please email if you are interested Vanessa.vlahakis@@gmail.com
  12. Ok Ladies I finally wrote my review: Here is it! I hope this is as helpful to you as the past brides have been to me. Please let me know what other questions you have. I'm so sorry I had to attach this in a word document. I just typed the whole thing up in word and went to cut/copy into this review and it won't let me copy/paste. Please send me your email if you can't open any attachments! I'm so sorry. I will try to figure it out but in the meantime the review is in the word document attached. Also I have so many photos so if you want more of anything specific just let me know. Happy to send
  13. @@BrooklynBride29 - We had 82 guests at our wedding a few weeks ago. We got married on the beach terrace and there was PLENTY of room. As for extras yes, the cost does add up for anyone of the 25 guests that are included in the divine package but there are ways to keep the costs down AND compared to a wedding in the NYC area ( that's where I'm from too) it was MUCH more cost effective. You get more for you $$. We also did ALOT of the extras ( photobooths, cigar roller, live band for welcome BBQ, welcome BBQ,etc.) and I still felt when it was all said and done it was worth the $$ we spent. My f
  14. Ladies! Just touched down back from my wedding at NOW Sapphire. WE are quickly unpacking/re-packign and heading to honeymoon tomororw but I wanted to let you girls know that you are in good hands at the NOW and that it was truly the most incredible few days of my life. I was NOT easy to please either. I was very skeptical that they could pull off all the details i laid out for them ( There were ALOT ) and they executed every single one better than I could have even imagined. Juan Carlos was amazing and stayed calm and worked with me through things that were bothering me,etc. I will write a ful
  15. I'm leaving wed AM!!! can't wait to report back to all of you ladies and help you! I am so excited wed can't come soon enough!
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