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  1. I have 38 brand new assorted luggage tags, I was going to use them for a shower favor or in OOT bags but ended up having too many people come and this was an early purchase not thinking we would have more than 50 come. Selling for a $1 each, $38 for all. Buyer pays shipping which should fit in a flat rate box. Paypal only please
  2. I have seen the resort is back up and running so that's one less thing for you to worry about! Very exciting it is getting so close!
  3. @@Laurahanby 1. We were planning on renting out the disco since it included drinks for 50 people, DJ and room for a set price but was informed of it being remodeled a month before we were set to leave. This was my moment of panic/bridezilla moment but it worked out in our favor. We ended up having a meeting room for the reception and we loved it. She must have misunderstood before I know it's $100 per hour for a dj. 2. We ended up using Ivan Luckie and we are still waiting for our pics. I have seen people being very happy with the resort photography as well. We wanted more than 3 hours an
  4. There is an option to use the DJ the resort has for $100 an hour which is alot cheaper than the outside quote they gave me. If you rent out the restaurant there will not be a dance floor set up. Our wedding was July 10 and I sent the wedding planner the updated guest total June 17. As a heads up, you will more than likely get very slow email responses especially being that far out. My wait time once I got to Alejandra the actual wedding planner was at the longest a week but that isn't until a month or so out. Alejandra is amazing though and will make everything perfect! If you have any other
  5. My best advice is don't sweat the small stuff because it seriously will not matter! Did everything go perfectly as planned? Absolutely not! It was perfect weather all week until an hour before the wedding. It was torrential downpour and since we were getting our hair and makeup done off the resort they were calling the guys all day to see if we wanted to move inside. It cleared up and we went with our gut and stuck with the plan to get married on the beach which thankfully was the right call. But looking back on the day it was beautiful and perfect because I was marrying the love of my life su
  6. @@lcole1 Thanks! 1. Getting married on the beach is amazing. It is in the area to the right so it is more secluded. There are not beach chairs around but there were people watching but honestly did not even know until I saw the pictures of it! 2. We had 74 people 3. We booked our rooms if I remember in Sept for our July wedding 4. We did not use the resort photographer but Ivan Luckie
  7. Styling Trio was beyond amazing! It was airbrush and it stayed all day even with the heat!
  8. I just got married there July 10th! Everything was perfect and Alejandra the wedding planner is amazing! We did the ceremony on the beach, dinner in the Mexican restaurant and reception in the meeting room. What would you like to know?
  9. We never were asked to pick one and they ended up using our recessional song which was Hall N Oates You Make My Dreams Come True (they just played it twice haha)
  10. Is it just down in Tulum or the whole area? We leave in 2 weeks for our wedding and kinda freaking out if that's how the beach is going to be! We have 75 people coming and most have never been and our ceremony is on the beach.
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