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  1. Hi!! Eloping to Jamaica this December!! I extremely nervous about what to do with my dress but my mind has been eased by other brides stating we can carry the dress on! My new concern!! Can I carry my bouqet on as well?!?!!!! A carry on suit case is going to be to shallow and I'm afraid putting it in a checked bag it would be destroyed by the time it arrived. Any brides have any experience with this. I was thinking maybe I could just let it stick out the top of my pocket book but dont want to run into issues with security and them make me leave it id be devastated!! Suggestions or experiences would be appreciated!!
  2. Brand New! Never Used!! NO Alterations!! (Only tried on once at the bridal salon when it arrived.) Beautiful 100% Authentic, Satin Fit & Flare Maggie Sottero Adorae. Color: Ivory Label Size: 10 Street Size: 6/8 Material: Satin Style: Fit & Flare Neckline: Sweetheart Condition: New with Tag attached and extra lace! This dress was purchased at New York Bride & Groom in Charlotte, NC! It is a gorgeous fit and flare gown with beading along the bustline and at the hip. It features a corset back and bubble hem at the bottom. paid almost $1300 for the dress!! I just decided i wanted something different and am only trying to sell to recoup some of my $$. I'm asking $800obo. Serious inquiries only, scammers please do not waste my time. More actual pictures available upon request.
  3. @@acw271011 Can I ask you a few questions... Did you write your on ceremony or use something the resort already had. Also when your ceremony is over how did you officiant end it did you guys like face away from him and he formally announced you and you walked away or how did you go about doing that?! Thanks so much!
  4. Hi Yaw!! My fiance and I are eloping in December, and so far I have the song I'm walking down the aisle/beach to him and our 1st dance song as well. My question is when the ceremony is over should we have something to kinda walk away to for video purposes or No??!?!! I can't decide on this, becuase it will be just the 2 of us no guest! Whats your thoughts on this, how would you do it. I'm afraid if we just stand there after the video may look awkward or funny! Thoughts suggestions please!!!
  5. @@acw271011!! Thanks so much for the comment that really makes me feel better about things! Did you do a reading during your sand ceremony or play music. Were doing a Sand ceremony but I was debating on what to do during it... Also if you don't mind me asking after you ceremony did you go straight into your 1st dance or how did you guys go about that, did you do pictures first or cut the cake... I think fo some reason I'm not sure on how it should flow... We have small cake too so were def cutting the cake, and have both a phtographer and videographer, were requred to use the ones with the resort, but thanks so much for the offer!! Were staying at a Sandals in Negril were super excited!!
  6. Hi Everyone!! My fiance and I are Eloping to Jamaica December 22nd of this year!! Were super EXCITED after 9yrs its finally time to say "I Do"!! Its just the 2 of us going, were having a ceremony on the beach, I think were also going to do a sand ceremony as well even though its just us, it will allow us to bring it back home and display it in the house! There are 2 things that I can't decide that I'm lo oking for some input on!! First Dance?!?!! Is it cheesy to do a 1st dance on the beach right after our ceremony?! It is going to just be the 2 of us which I thought would be kinda romantic but I'm so indecisive. We will have a photographer and videographer to capture the memories. What are your opinions do we do it or let it go?!?! My next thing is: Should we play music as I walk down to him or no just walk with silence?!! I can't decide on these 2 things especially the 1st dance!! Can't wait to hear what yaw think!!! Thanks, Ali
  7. For sale is a Maggie Sottero Adorae. This dress is Brand New!! Never wore other than trying one at the bridal salon once. Its absolutely beautiful. The only reason I'm selling is we have changed the location of our wedding and I've decided to go with something a little different. Label size is a 10 Street size is 6-8. NO Alterations have been done what so ever, and tags are still on the dress. I'm asking $850 shipping anywhere in the US included in the cost. I paid $1260 when I purchased it.
  8. Hi Everyone! Were getting Married Dec. 24th 2014 at Sandals Negril! Anyone have any recent experiences there? Just the 2 of us no guest!
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm not quite a 2015 bride but almost! Were getting Married December 2014 at Sandals Negril Jamaica. Were super excited and still lots to plan! Its just the 2 of us NO guest!! Any advice suggestions on anything is greatly appreciated.
  10. Are there any issues getting through security the wedding dress? Does it still go through the scanners? I'm very nervous about this process more so than maybe storing it on the plane. I'm assuming this counts as the carry on as well..? Thanks
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