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Show us your wedding dress!

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Your dress looks stunning on you!  Despite the negative shopping experience, at least you can know you look fantastic and said yes to the right dress. :)

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Lots of gorgeous dresses!


I posted a picture of my dress about 8 months ago, but it was on the model.  Yesterday I finally was able to try it on again, and got pictures!





I still very much love the dress, but I'm quite disappointed by the whole dress shopping experience. Maybe I have just watch too many "Say yes to the dress", but I was expecting better service. Back when I first bought it the lady was ok, but not a very warm personality. Plus, she had really bad breath.rolleyes.gif


When they called to say the dress was ready I wanted to make an appointment, but she said just show up whenever you want, no need for an appointment unless it's for your fitting (which won't be until winter). So I show up there Saturday and the lady is like "Did you tell us you were coming?" I was like, hum, I tried, and was told it was no. The sales lady who had helped me was busy with another bride, so she just went to the back, got my dress, and gave it to me to put on by myself. Luckily it's a fairly simple dress with just a zipper. Not once while I had it on did anybody come and see me. I just felt very ignored. It's like, "Well we already have your money so why bother paying any attention to you now?"


Bpink and Michelle, I'm sorry you had even worse service than I did!


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Here is my dress. I know I am having a beach wedding, but I didn't want a destination wedding dress. I got it from Alfred Angelo and it was such a great price. Some people don't like the bow, but it looks great in person. I am probably going to add some 'bling" to the bow. I am so happy; i have a lot of time but that is one thing to scratch off the to do list. Sorry I don't have better photos. What do you guys think, honest opinions please!  



Wedding Dress.jpg


Wedding Dress 2.jpg



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Your welcome! And I love the bow, I think it makes the dress, it gives it character you could even add a cute little starfish brooch on it or something.  OH I had no idea there was an aflred angelo in glen burnie, may have to add that to the list! Thanks.

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