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  1. This gorgeous couture strapless white gown was purchased in April 2011 from "Brides by Tara" for $1100. Size 12. Features an asymmetric bodice of Royal Taffeta over a full skirt of fluffy Organza layers. Lace up back. Bustle already added. NO ALTERATIONS made to the shape of the dress. Just back (today) from professional cleaning. Asking $600 o.b.o. Comes with storage bag. If interested please email grlnexdor@hotmail.com. Looking for local buyer. I fell in love with this dress the moment I tried it on, and I know you will too.
  2. You will LOVE working with Marcia Roberts! She photographed our wedding on April 7th at ROR and her and her assistant Christopher were fantastic to work with! We booked both the wedding day and TTD shoot with Marcia, and the photos turned out amazing. We paid for a one-night stay at the resort (which offset the vendor fees), so that they could shoot the TTD the next day, and it was well worth the cost. They make you feel completely comfortable and you really do have a lot of fun with the shots...you end up feeling like a movie star. Great choice!
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss Calia, thoughts go out to you and your family. Very glad to hear you liked the House of Night Series...I got hooked too! My SIL recommended it back in January and although I was skeptical at first, I ended up reading all 8 books in the series that month. There are a few other books in the Series that will also make you sob like a child (or at least they did me), and stay up late to find out what happens.
  4. Yeah!!! Congrats everyone, those are some fantastic numbers! Marla 13% is AMAZING! Thanks again, for organizing this season of BL! Tisha - you look amazing, congrats on your success!
  5. Thanks so much for the great advice Yolanda! I have my "stack" of email correspondence ready to go as back-up in case of any attempts to change things onsite at ROR. We leave in just 15 days now ... woohoo!
  6. Congratulations on your wedding...everything looks/sounds like it turned out perfect! Thanks so much for mentioning the bus ride from the airport, as I've heard horror stories about that. It was also nice to hear that Thomas Cook was at least decent, because we are also flying with them. With the restaurant dress codes, was there any issues with any of the wedding party wearing sandals or shorts? My FI will be wearing sandals, as well as most of our guests, and I had heard stories about males not being allowed in and asked to change because of the dress code. Congrats again and thanks for
  7. That was EXACTLY what we thought...we were pretty disappointed to hear it was no longer offered. We ended up going the expensive route (thanks to a gift from the FILs) and getting a BOSE system to do the music. We've tried testing it outside on a windy day and it still seems to be "loud", but we'll see in Jamaica. We just couldn't justify the cost for the DJ for a couple of hours, especially when we just be giving him a playlist of songs to play (or an Ipod) to ensure he had all the types of music that our guests like.
  8. bmadzia - I got the response on Dec 13, 2010. I found that prices and what was included did change multiple times since I first spoke with the resort back in June of 2010, so no doubt that you are getting different responses now. I can let you know in a few weeks what ended up being included in the end.
  9. A few additional questions answered: Are plugs/outlets available by Seagrape for the Reception, if we use our own docking station? ******SURE*********** Can we rent equipment to play music WITHOUT having a dj? If so, is the cost still $90/hr for each of the 2 hours? ********UNFORTUNATELY, WE DO NOT OFFER THE SYSTEM RENTAL ANYMORE********* Do we do cake cutting here on the beach or with the dinner? ********CAKE CUTTING IS DONE AT DINNER******** What is the table set-up for dinner at the Mammee Bay? ********T SHAPED******* Here is a list of extra options wi
  10. Here is some info that Keisha has sent me in answer to my questions, hope this will be helpful to some of you: QUESTION: How much does it cost to have a reception on the beach after dinner? What is included? *$15 PER PERSON, INCLUDES, OPEN BAR, TIKI TORCHES, EXCLUSIVELY PRIVATE TO YOU AND YOUR GUESTS, LIGHTING, TABLES AND CHAIRS.* QUESTION: Is it possible to play our own recorded music during the dinner (we would bring our own Ipod and docking station)? *****UNFORTUNATELY, NO MUSIC IS ALLOWED FOR SEMI PRIVATE DINERS. SORRY.* QUESTION: What colour are the included chairs
  11. Meggers - That is awesome that you met your FI on spring break...what a great story that must be! Anyone doing a Bridal Speech at their DW? If so, if you have any ideas, samples, templates to share, would love to see them, as I have complete writer's block in this area right now.
  12. Brandy this is amazing! You have definitely inspired me with your great ideas that you have kindly shared all along in the April thread! Looks like you will have a fairytale wedding VERY SOON....YEAH!!!
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