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  1. They recommended I get my hemmed to the shortest length. I have only an inch difference between my shoes.
  2. Oh that is very helpful, thank you!! By chance does anyone know each nightly event? When is the wedding rehearsal? Day before wedding?
  3. Thanks so much for the pictures, they were very helpful! I am still trying to see if I can have the reception at The Lobster House. Nayeli said we can do it there if we have a max of 12 people ( we have 14) & no plans to play music. So hopefully they can make room for 2 more if not I think we'll have it at Garibaldi square. Where are you planning all your events at? Thanks!!
  4. Yes I would love to see the pictures! Thank you so much my email is juls93@yahoo.com.
  5. Hi Ladies, I am getting married at ERC on July 16, 2011 on the beach & am so excited! I have a couple of questions I hope you ladies can help me with. Does anyone know what restaurants are closed on Saturdays for the reception & what other options there are besides the Foyer. Ramon had said I could have my reception dinner at The Lobster House, it just would not be private. Now Nayeli is saying I can't have it there at all. I am so bummed we were really looking forward to The Lobster House. I am hoping to have it somewhere that is open aired or outdoors. As for the cockta
  6. I had emailed her a week & never heard back. Then today I resent saying urgent & marked important & heard back within a couple of hours.
  7. Congrats! I am getting married there on July 16th & am so excited. I wanted to find out if you know when we make all our choices (location, flowers, cake, ect). Do we do this when we arrive or beforehand? Also, I would love to see your pics but the links don't seem to be working...
  8. Oh my Gosh... I love your shoes!!!! Where did you find these? I like that you'll be able to where over & over again!
  9. Just bought my dress today! I am in love!!!! it has a vintage feel!
  10. LOVE, LOVE the hot pink blinged out shoes! Very nice work FutureMrsTO!!!!!!!!!
  11. I just bought these shoes today for my beach sand ceremony!!!
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