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DIYs for June wedding at Le Reve - Playa del Carmen (with Pics!)

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I love the custom stamp! Do you think you could ink stamp a canvas tote? Probably not but just curious. Everything came together so well. I love DIY projects but I'm not great at them. It's such a loss because my fiance is an advertising production artist and he can design a custom logo digitally and make lots of things- but he didn't even want to do the invitations! He gets swamped at work and we don't have the necessary equipment at home, but I wish he was more crafty.


All your projects came out great and don't look homemade at all. Rustic yes- but you could have just as easily as bought these products. Great job. Congrats on your wedding.

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Originally Posted by carajoe08 View Post


Great work! Would you mind sharing the vendor of the custom stamp?




Hi! We created the design then sent it to www.rubberstamps.net to be made into the stamp.

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Originally Posted by Noxx View Post


Beautiful Job!

Did you buy the cigars at home or down there? 

Where did you get the personalized stamp made?


Thanks everyone for the kind words about our projects!!


The cigars - long story - When we went on our site visit we checked out some cigar shops in downtown Playa. They seemed okay but we were able to find much better pricing for the Cuban cigars from www.cigarterminal.com which is a company located in the duty free zone of Switerland. They ship to Mexico but warned us that it could take a long time for the package to clear customs. We were saving so much money that we figured we'd take the risk. Well - the morning of our wedding they still hadn't arrived so my husband and brother in law ran downtown to buy the expensive cigars so we have some for the reception. The package arrived form Switzerland on MONDAY after the wedding - lol! We had a few during the rest of our trip, but of course we couldn't take them back with us, so we gave the rest to the hotel staff as part of their gratuity (about $500 worth of cigars :) )


Anyways, I'd just recommend you buy them down there. There are lots of good and reputable shops. If you have a lot of time (months) I do recommend www.cigarterminal.com as their prices are REALLY low.


Hope that helps!!

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