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  1. Hi! I live in St. Kitts (small Caribbean island). It is beautiful here...the only problem we had while taking the pics,was tourists kept taking our pics too ha. Hopefully I won't end up in someone's Vacation Album!
  2. Thank ya'll! And yes, that was the biggest surprise of all, my mom loved it....pre-Christmas miracle? Ha!
  3. AH that is SO something I would do! The first time I went dress shopping I didn't even look at prices, just pulled whatever I thought was pretty....talk about a shock when I looked at the prices! Did you end of getting the beach dress? I love Allure, they are absolutely beautiful!
  4. So thrilled I can finally add to this post! Here is love #2 in my life:)
  5. Thank you:) All that worrying for nothing ha! And I got it before Thanksgiving, so I could pig out:)
  6. Save the Dates are done! FI & I had a hard time finding a pic we liked, since in all of our pictures together either we are wearing sunglasses or holding a drink ha. So I decided to get a little crafty & use coconuts. That way we can also incorporate where we live now into our STD. I used Snapfish....super easy & got 60 w/envelopes for $30 including shipping. My bridesmaid made the stickers to go on the back of the envelopes, using our colors, & I love the way they turned out! our orginal picture STD The chevron looks black in this pic, but it is navy blue, along with the writing
  7. Well, I'm going to start off by saying, I was absolutely dreading going shopping for my wedding dress. I had many reasons for feeling this way... 1) I currently live out of the US, in a place where there is NO chance of finding a wedding dress. So I had to wait until I came home for Thanksgiving to shop for my dress. Since it's only 5 months until the big day, that pretty much limited my options to what was actually in the store that I could take home that day. No ordering. So I was not looking forward to seeing all the beautiful dresses that I had no chance of getting, since they were purchased only through ordering. 2) limited budget. Although my FI & I are paying for the actual wedding, my dad was determined to pay for the dress itself. But that also meant capping the spending to $700. Further limiting my choices. 3) My mom. Although I haven't lived at home for quite a while, my mom's opinion still matters to me. Unfortunately my mom is a hard-core conservative-don't show your boobs-strapless is of the devil- mom. Now I am not one to EVER change what I want to please someone else, but still, I wanted my mom to at least not-hate my dress. I knew if would be hard though. To make a long- story short. First place. First dress I tried on. Absolute perfection. Everything I wanted....off the shoulders, simple, keyhole back, lightweight, elegant....blah blah blah I'm freakin in love with this dress. Best part, $600, no alterations needed, & my mom cried she loved it so much. Now just gotta find some fabulous shoes;)
  8. Okay so tonight I have spent all my time looking at everyone else's boards....and so the monster grows ha. Also, glad to see I am not the only one with a shirtless Ryan Gosling on my board. Hey, I'm not married yet;)
  9. I thought I was addicted to Pinterest before we got engaged....little did I know, planning a wedding would turn me into a pinterest-monster! Seriously addicted. You can tell I started pinning as soon as we got engaged, because my wedding "theme" jumps from one extreme to another....but hey, there could be worse addictions, at least, that's what I keep telling myself;) Here's my board: http://pinterest.com/thejamiec/i-do-s/
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