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  1. My brides maid bouquet was $15 and my center pieces were $22 each fantastic price
  2. Thank you so much. I cant wait for you guys to have your special day its so worth it! and stress free!!!!! im so sad it went by so quickl. But i loved the resort and im still hearing compliments of the food and how beautiful the resort was.
  3. i got the devine package so my flowers were included i ordered all the other flowers from cancun flowers lucy_cancun@hotmail.com she was way way way cheaper than the resort hard to get a hold of but worth it when you can
  4. $45 to Playa Del Carmen and i believe it was $10 or a hour and a half walk down the beach to Puerto Morelos
  5. i believe the vendor fee is waved when they stay at the resort double check to see if this has changed but when i asked they didnt charge a fee to guests
  6. I received my sneak peek of my photos here is the link http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.493136370740839.1073741828.131758870211926&type=1&l=510cc41c53
  7. we got married at 6pm. We did our pictures before hand to make sure we got lots. We had our ceremony at 6, pictures and then cocktail hour from 7-8 and dinner and dance from 8-11. the we did speeches and cake cutting in between courses but never did get around to the garter or bouquet toss
  8. Yes there is a fee for the bamboo chairs honestly i would say pass on them i saw them they are nice but is it worth the money for the 3 hours your guests will be sitting in them? if you have a wedding like mine your guests will all be on the dance floor. Check into the price i believe they are$ 5-$15 extra each. they are nice though
  9. Hi Ladies, I received this email from Ramon in regards to skype when i inquired about it. I didnt actually email this vendor thought that i would just show people the video when we got home. unfortunately we are not able to do the arrangements for your wedding to bee seen via web cam or skype, however there is a vendor who can help us with , please see below the link where you can get more information about their services and prices http://mikecantarellfilms.com
  10. The resort only supplies the white linen for your table. They will set up any decorations you wish. They do rent out vases for $5 a piece
  11. I did not tip ramon i actualu ly didnt get to see him after the wedding he off the next day but i did send him a really nice letter thanking him for all his hard work. I did have my dress and the suit steamed they did a fantastic job all you do is leave your dress (in the bag) and his suit on the bed the day before your wedding i forgot to fill out the form that is in the closet on your laundry bag but they picked it up and by 12 the same day it was back all steamed. they placed my dress hanging on the bed wrapped in a king size bed sheet so my hubby couldnt see it. I just moved it into the closet. i was very happy with the way it turned out
  12. When i booked our trip you get 1 free room for every 6 rooms booked to a max of 3 rooms double occupancy. You can also get the credit in a cheque but double check with your agent on that. I received a check for about $3,000. We did get a room upgrade upon arrival we had an ocean front room building 3 it was nice and super close to everything. We also had VIP treatment private transfer seperate check in and out it was fabulous. The only crappy part was our group was fairly big and we didnt get to use our "VIP" perks because no one else in the group could. it was kind of a waste but it was a great option to have. For those who have not booked yet please take at least 10 days down there. We booked only 7 we flew in on friday got married on Monday so really our vacation started tues. We had no alone time we felt like we had to mingle with everyone and make time for each person every day since they paid to be there with us. If you have a smaller group maybe you wont feel that way.
  13. The beach terrace is nice. Just make sure that your wedding isnt on the same night as their beach party night. Specify that you do not want your wedding the same night that the live band and buffet is on the beach trust me you dont want that!
  14. It was far too windy for lit candles even our menu cards couldnt stay up in the holder
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