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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a list of flowers that are available in the Riviera Maya in November. My wedding is next month and I have to get moving on this! Please help. Thank you!
  2. I wanted to include my fiancé's boys' names on the invitation, too, incorporated into a logo that I created for us to use as a stamp on the invitations, StD's, welcome bags, coasters, and everything else. (Samples attached). But HE is actually against it! He wants it just to say "J&L". He says that we make everything else in our lives about them (as parents should!); he wants some part of the wedding to feature just us. So, there's an alternate perspective for you! We haven't made a final determination yet on what we will do. We are still having the boys as two of his three groomsmen, and the wording on the invitation will be something like "Together with their families..." or something inclusive like that. I haven't gotten that far yet We also included them in our engagement photo session last weekend, it was really fun! Wedding Graphics.pptx
  3. I started with a budget planning tool on TheKnot.com. It was a decent starting point and got me thinking about what I wanted, needed, and couldn't live without. Ultimately, it wasn't flexible or user-friendly enough to suit my purposes, so I ended up creating my own Excel spreadsheets using the one on Knot.com as a baseline to plan the budget. I've since expanded the idea and have an additional spreadsheet for our savings plan and another to track what we've spent so far.
  4. I was in Cancun July 1st-5th this past summer and it was HOT. Like, absurdly, uncomfortably, ridiculously hot. I (and my wedding coordinator) wouldn't recommend a date in June unless it is one of the first two weekends. My original date was Memorial Day weekend 2013, and she thought at would be perfect. (We pushed it back though to Nov because my sister is pregnant and due in May!) I just got back from a second trip to Riviera Maya this past Wednesday, and the weather was great; the only drawback was that it started getting dark really early We will likely have to start the ceremony at 3:30pm to ensure we have the right light for photos after the ceremony. My WC also said January-March are not ideal because even though the weather isn't cold (chilly at night, but not COLD), it can be very, very windy... Who knew?? April- early June, and late Oct-Dec are best. If you do any earlier than mid-Oct, there is a risk of hurricane.
  5. P.S.: The Chapel del Carmen is the one pictured in the last four photos in Zazil's post, above. I took several of my own photos when I was there in July that I can share with anyone who is interested.
  6. Thanks, Jessi, for starting this thread! We are getting married in Nov 2013 at a small Catholic chapel at a private beach wedding/event venue called Playa del Secreto, about 15 min from downtown Playa del Carmen. We are bringing our own priest because it was a top priority to be married by an officiant who knows us... Fingers are crossed that nothing goes awry with this plan because our wedding is on a Sunday, which will preclude a local priest from being available to serve as a backup plan! (The Saturday we wanted was booked.) Planning isn't too tough yet, but we still have a year and I haven't found out yet about what all we will have to do (paperwork-wise). We will start our Parish's formal marriage prep program this winter. One thing to pass along to you other brides from my wedding coordinator: if you're on a budget, don't spend too much on flowers for the church- apparently any flowers you bring in have to be left behind as an offering! Also, if anyone needs a brief review of possible Catholic ceremony venues, I've seen 3 in the Riviera Maya-- the chapel at Real Resorts Gran Caribe; my own choice, Playa del Secreto; and the Chapel del Carmen in downtown Playa on 5th Ave (loved it!) Good luck to everyone!
  7. I highly recommend getting into Crossfit.
  8. Thank you! Does anyone have any pricing info or personal experience to share about this vendor? So far, from what I see on the website, this is one of the better ones I've seen!
  9. Hi Ladies, Can anyone share with me whether there were any negative reactions from guests when they discovered/were told the price for the Paradisus La Perla/La Esmeralda? My guests will be all over the economic spectrum, but for those on the lower end, I'm just not sure how much is too much to ask them to pay... bearing in mind that I am hoping they come down for at least 4 nights since I have a lot of activities planned. What were your experiences? Thanks!
  10. This is insane!! Definitely the worst I've heard of yet. Good riddance!
  11. Everyone in this thread has had such helpful advice for how to handle this very sticky situation... thank you so much for sharing!
  12. Hi! Did you ever get to take any pics of the beach? We're interested in this location, but hard to tell how good the beach is from the limited pics on the website. Thank you! L.
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