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Hmmm, lets see if I can help...


Stardream Crystal on Paperpresentation - you can find this brand and color on other websites cheaper. I only purchased from here because of their customer service, Lime Metallic envelopes and discount. And by the way, it's actually 105lb not 120lb as listed. I spoke with their customer service about this and I don't know why they wont change it.



Cheaper site:



I used the Aylee bits template for the boarding passes and changed the width to 3.5". I deleted the last pass and made my own luggage tag.  I just played around with rectangle l:w ratios (3.25"x4.8") and different angles:



Yes, all envelopes were purchased and the sleeve was made from 8 1/2"x11" cardstock. You can use either of the templates in the link above (Aylee). I didn't use a template, it wasn't necessary for the sleeve that I wanted. I just did a trifold and cut one end down to 2.5" and at cut off a 30degree angle.


Hope this helps.


Thanks for the links and the dimensions

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Absolutely Amazing!!! I wish I had the talent that so many of you ladies have.  I keep saying I am going to make my own invitations.  I bit the bullet and had my save the dates made, I really wanna try but the artistic side  of me doesn't exist.  These look professionally done.  If I try,you  will definitely be one of those on the board that I am coming to  for advice.  Going to play around with aylees right now.  

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