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  1. Thanks! We fly out Wednesday and get married next Saturday! I can't believe it is practically here already!!!!!
  2. I will be walking down to "All Your Life" by The Band Perry. It was the song I sang to my fiance the night he proposed to me on our four year anniversary. Not a huge country music fan, but this song is so special to us now, we had to use it!
  3. Thank you very much! I was able to get it at my gmail address and opened it
  4. my email is: hlehman@udel.edu If that is not working please try: missdelaware2009@gmail.com Thank you for trying to help me out!
  5. Love this thread! Thanks for all of the great advice ladies! I am eagerly counting down the days until we leave for our wedding in paradise
  6. Would someone be able to send it to me at hlehman@udel.edu? I would love to see this list before our wedding next month!!!
  7. My fiance engraved my engagement ring with "Forever & Always". I thought it was so sweet of him to think to do that, that we have decided to have the same phrase engraved in both of our wedding bands. This way, even though they do not match on the outside, they will be the same on the inside.
  8. Jessica4LUXE, thanks for the tips. I had no idea!
  9. My FI and I just made DIY boarding pass invites and they were not that difficult after I found a free template on here. After that it was just picking colors and fonts and such. Haven't finished them yet, but I am printing them this week and then putting them all together. My travel agent requires a deposit within a week of asking her to hold a room at the resort. The deposit is $125 and then guests have until around 45 days prior to their departure to have it fully paid. We chose not to hold rooms for people since we didn't know how many were coming. I am glad we did that now that our number of people coming has decreased from 40 to 25. But that is the price we pay for having destination weddings. We will be having at AHR the week after we return, and we are inviting 230 people to that. My FI and I also booked a room in the club section since we weren't sure if they would be able to upgrade us.
  10. We also booked Cores Films for our videographer. We purchased the basic package. He is very professional. Quickly responds to every email and his sample videos seem to be pretty good quality. It is nice that he is the preferred vendor at the Majestic resorts in Punta Cana, so we do not have to pay the $300 outside vendor fee to have him there. Our wedding is not until August though, so I cannot say to much on how he is in person the day of the wedding. Will find out in about 5 months though!!
  11. I like how simple yet different these are! Some DIY projects are more complicated than I can handle, but these look really neat and I feel like I might actually be able to make them! Thanks for sharing
  12. JSLM I am in the same boat as you. I feel that if I am already getting taxed 16%+ on the packages that I am buying for the wedding it should be enough. Maybe I will bring a little token from Delaware as a thank you to the WC to personalize it some. Anyone ever do something like that?
  13. I'd love a webinar on the Majestic Resorts in Punta Cana!
  14. I hadn't thought much about tipping anyone besides the bartenders and staff. I figured if we are paying the photographer/videographer in cash, then they should not expect me to bring even more cash into the country just to tip them. I guess I also figured that the wedding coordinator was something that came with the wedding package that I am already paying for. It wasn't until I came across this thread that I even thought it was something that is somewhat expected. I guess I have some thinking to do...
  15. Speckles121, I wouldn't tip after paying all of that. I feel as though you are being plenty generous by covering their travel, stay, and additional money for their services. Just my opinion though!
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