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  1. Who is your wc? I finished the planning steps back in May or June and my wc pretty much stopped contact with me at that point, through the summer... so hopefully yours will be a little more on the ball. Where are you on their planning steps?
  2. Thank you! Looking at the spreadsheet she sent me with A TON more info on it from before it has Palmeras beach for the reception but just beach listed for the ceremony box. I emailed Victoria asking her our options.... Thinking about it, they spread out the ceremonies throughout the day, so no 2 weddings are at the same time, so we should be able to get one of their more private locations. I saw some videos of the beach and Palmeras looks like the hub of the entire beachfront, complete with volleyball net. lol That's fine for our reception, but I'd be surprised if they did any ceremony the
  3. Hi Ladies, I haven't been on here in a while... Not used to this new format... Took me forever just to find this forum again... Anyhoo, my wedding is next month, FINALLY!!! I finished the planning steps with my wedding coordinator Victoria months ago. Contact kind of stopped at that point, but I started wondering about our ceremony and reception locations. We have the Strawberry and both will be on the beach. I remember many posts from brides saying that their coordinator sent them pictures of the different locations, so I sent her an email. She replied saying both our ceremony and
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by FireyNurse A What do you mean by sister resort, like Tropical/Colonial or Beach/Caribe? We were at the palace and our wedding stuff was all at the palace but our photographers were all booked on to stay at the Beach/Caribe because its the cheapest, they are allowed to be at the palace for the wedding events without a charge. Quote: Originally Posted by LaurenV26 For those of you booking rooms for photographers rather than pay the vendor fee, does anyone know if I were to book him at a sister resort do I have to pay a pass for him to come over th
  5. Hey ladies, Have any of you heard about or encountered Barcelo's new rule that requires a 5 night minimum stay during peak season? My wedding is in February, which is peak season and our group booking through my travel agent just hit the 4 month mark and we had to drop the extra rooms that hadn't been booked. The guests who booked at the last minute or who are now trying to book have encountered this problem. My travel agent says Barcelo is getting a lot of grief and backlash for this decision, so hopefully they will change this. Just wondering if anyone else has heard about this?
  6. I've read on this thread (toward the beginning) that the turf and turf dinner option costs extra. Does anyone know if it costs extra for the Strawberry package or is it one of the dinner options included in that package? Also wondering if anyone knows how much an extra reception hour costs? Thanks!
  7. jburress21: I got engaged at Beaches in the Turks! lol He proposed to me on the lazy river in the water park. Great resort.
  8. jburress21: I got engaged at Beaches in the Turks! lol He proposed to me on the lazy river in the water park. Great resort.
  9. Thanks so much for spending the time to add so many pictures and details!! You did such a beautiful job on everything! Including your timeline, the playlists, and the tipping info really helped! I think we'll be booking the mariachi like you did. Great thread.. !!
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