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  1. They really don't swap out things anymore... in the past years they have We chose the capresse salad, the ravioli, steak and shrimp, chicken, and the chocolate souffle. Everything was delicious except for the dessert. If i had to choose again i would pick the creme brule... man that was good! Cakes are not their specialty in mexico.
  2. You pick 1 salad, 1 soup, 2 main course and 1 dessert You will need to know how many of each main course and advise your coordinator
  3. They don't actually block rooms for you... All my guests were scattered between building 1 through 4.
  4. Hi Ladies... Were back after being in Mexico for 2 weeks. The wedding went pretty good. A few hiccups but that's about it. As everyone said it was great however i did notice a few things that were wonky... e.g. I had 8 chair decorations but only 7 were in place. blah However the resort and it's service was horrible. When we arrived they wanted to ship half of my group to the now sapphire resort--- Not cool. I had to stomp my feet and complain a lot. They upgraded our room to the privilege side and gave us (Bride and Groom) to double beds. Not happy about that. We ended up switching
  5. Does anyone know if the resort makes the programs for you or do you have to make your own? Leaving in 2 days!
  6. Hey Lori, We will be there May 1st to the 8th. Getting Married on May 4th! We will be 26 guests... I'm sure we will cross paths at some point!! Drinks Drinks Drinks Hi Amy... We are getting married on the same day! Super exciting!!! Can't wait
  7. For those who had fire dancers... Did you book that through the wedding coordinator or did you hire some off site? How much was it? Is it really worth it? I'm looking to end my wedding night with a bang so i really want something fun that people will remember.
  8. It was all done through my travel agent... Something about every 6th room becomes a credit which we can use for whatever. I would suggest to you all to check with your agent as this is not the first time I've heard of this. Three couples I know who have had destination weddings got the same deal or similar.
  9. My opinion is that if you were not ready to pay for everyone you invited then you shouldn't have invited them. I think it's horrible to make them pay for their own dinner considering the amount of money they are spending to attend your wedding. Don't forget ladies you do get $ back from group bookings. We got about 3500 for 27 people booked.
  10. Hi ladies, What did your reception schedule look like time wise?? I'm trying to fill out the form but am unsure.... Help!! Guests arrival(Reception area) Announce Bride & Groom First dance (Bride & Groom) Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance Prayer Dinner-1st Course Speech #1 (Best Man) Dinner-2nd Course Speech #2 (Matron of Honor) Main Course Cake Cutting/Dessert Party Starter Last dance Reception Ends
  11. My opinion is it's your wedding do what you want! If you had your wedding back home you would most likely have a head table with your MOH and Best Man therefore the Wife would be sitting elsewhere. The other option is do one long rectangular table and you guys sit in the middle and have the MOH and Best man sit on either side of you and the wife sit next to her husband..... Good luck
  12. Hi ladies, We are wondering if anyone has held an even before the wedding like cigar rolling or Tequila tasting? Has anyone else done anything like that?? Any other suggestions?? Thanks
  13. For the past brides.... Has anyone chosen "White Beans Cappuccino with a Smoked Bacon Oil" as their 2nd course? What is it? Have a pic? Was it good??
  14. That's great! I can't wait to get there.... We arrive on the May 1st
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